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 Regner Biorn

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PostSubject: Regner Biorn    Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:43 pm


Full Name: Regner Biorn
Age: 25
Birthday: June 5, 1985
Gender: Male
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark

Appearance: Regner is a rather thin young man with a supple amount of muscle on his six-foot-two frame. His hair is short, wild and dense, and its color is a rich golden blonde. The man's eyes are a dark blue, and his eyebrows are rather thick. Weighing about a hundred and forty pounds, Regner's not exactly the ugliest guy in the bunch, but he is rather pale when compared to some of the other men at the hospital. There are only two scars marring his body; one is on the left side of his head, just above his ear, and the other is a long, diagonal cut on his back. The circumstances concerning the gaining of these scars are things that Regner doesn't exactly choose to talk about.

Personality: Rather childish for his age, it is a wonder that this Dane ever made it through college. Given his ADHD, jumpy nature, he often surprises himself when he realizes how well he performs his job. He considers himself to have the mental maturity of an eight-year-old outside of work, as he's frequently found playing his Playstation or Gameboy rather than doing so-called 'normal' adult things. If drinking counts as an 'adult' thing, Regner certainly does enough of it, as he can also usually be found curled up with some vodka or beer in a corner of his house somewhere. He prefers to stay indoors rather than going outside; he likes his video games, anime, and manga more than socializing with other people most of the time. He's not shy at all, however, instead being one of the more cheerful people working at the hospital.

Regner enjoys working around small children like he does; he thinks kids are cute, and though he has no urge to settle down and start a family -just- yet, he wouldn't mind having a few kids in the future. Though he works in the obstetrics field, he does tend to flit around the cancer patients every now and then, but doesn't get attached to them too easily, due to the fear of death being just around every corner. He accepts that fact, and has only gotten attached to one child on the brink of death in his entire time at the hospital, and that situation didn't exactly end well. One would be surprised by the amount of emotional impassivity he shows at work; he's energetic on breaks and outside of work, but cold and quiet while inside the hospital when not exerting normal bedside manner.

Regner has a strange fear of fires. He's been afraid of them since he was young due to a certain incident; he generally tends to stray away from lighters and bonfires and other social things like that due to this fear. He's also slightly paranoid about someone dying under his watch; though his profession doesn't exactly entail death at all, he's still afraid of it. All in all, the man is thoroughly interesting, both inside and out, and only really reveals the saner parts of his personality to people that he knows relatively well.

Position: Ultrasound Technician
Experience: Four Years
Expertise: Mainly works in the obstetrics field.
Other Notes: N/A

History: What is there to say, really? Regner was the first, last, and only son of the Biorn family. Born in Copenhagen, the boy remained there until he was about five, when they moved to America. The tiny blonde had quite the problem adjusting from Danish to English, but he speaks both languages fluently. Nothing much happened in his life until he was around ten; there was a house fire that destroyed the entire apartment along with half of its complex, and Regner's pet cat perished in the fire, making him slightly paranoid of anything burning in general.

School went fine for the Dane, and he graduated high school at eighteen, and at twenty-one years old (exceptionally young for someone in his field, but he knew what he was doing), he joined the hospital staff as an ultrasound technician. At twenty-one as well, he got into a bad bar fight and was hit with a broken bottle above his ear, promptly blacking out and earning himself a scar. The same year he got into a knife fight, gaining the scar on his back, which still hurts if he presses down on it with enough force.

All in all, his life's pretty normal.

Other Important Info: Nope :p

Roleplay Sample: He let the cross slide between his hands; metal digging into his flesh when he began gripping it, and was that blood dripping down from in between his fingers? Oh, this was all wonderful; bloody fucking wonderful, and when the blood fell onto his boots he launched the cross at the wall, hearing it hit solid brick (it was a fucking -wonderful- sound) before dropping flat onto his ass and glaring at the posts holding up the divider between East and West Germany.

The snow did not respond to him; it merely kept falling, keeping the quiet dissonance of the situation before Denmark picked up a handful of fluffy, reddening snow and threw it at the sky, where more of its kin were falling down steadily, piling upon the ground inch by inch. There was no response, no response at all, nothing that he hoped for or wanted or -needed.- He bit his lip and fell down, upon his back, not even caring that most likely he'd be hypothermic by the end of it all, because it soaked through his black coat and made his back wet.

He was more angry than anything else; oh Gods, was he -angry-; angry at Russia, for taking the one thing that he -had- away from him, taking away the man he fucking -loved- because of a stupid pact and division made by a certain Mr. Jones and Mr. Kirkland all in one.

And as he laid there, he made the decision that perhaps, going back to Norway would be better than trying to save a certain Mr. Beilschimidt.


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PostSubject: Re: Regner Biorn    Fri Aug 20, 2010 2:44 pm

Aww, your Denmark is cute. I love imagining sitting him inside playing games and being a dork hahaa. But you also made him manly still. Oh, knife fights. Poor guy! You are accepted. Feel free to start posting and all that stuff~
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Regner Biorn
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