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 5 Lessons in Mastering Swedish

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PostSubject: 5 Lessons in Mastering Swedish   Wed Nov 17, 2010 6:55 pm

These are segments from a radio show where they had compiled some helpful lessons for a British co-worker that was moving to Sweden..
and then had said British co-worker take these lessons on the air XD
it's all grammaticly correct Swedish.. although the usefulness for most of the examples might be is very questionable XP
I just like it for the LOLz and want to share
although I'm a bit curious what non-swedish ppl think too so... opinions? ^^

I'll link to each lessons page at Slayradio.org, where you can download the mp3 as well as having the lesson sheet written out if you just scroll down on the pages...
so you can try and read along with what is said... might be helpful to some degree... maybe.. possibly.. XD

Lesson 1 - Homographs
Lesson 2 - Inflections and putting spaces where they don't belong
Lesson 3 - Schomething schtranger
Lesson 4 - An excersise in pronouncing various letters
Lesson 5 - Subtle differences (subtleties in spelling and pronounciation)
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5 Lessons in Mastering Swedish
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