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 Natalia Arlovskaya-Braginski (Belarus Application)

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PostSubject: Natalia Arlovskaya-Braginski (Belarus Application)   Sat Oct 30, 2010 3:37 pm


Full Name: Natalia Arlovskaya-Braginski
Age: Sixteen
Birthday: August 25th
Gender: Female
Hometown: Minsk, Belarus

Natalia is below average when it comes to height, being only about 160 centimeters(5'2) tall. She has a small figure, rather expected for someone of her short stature. Her long, platinum blonde hair reaches the middle of her spine and decorates the simple straight down hairstyle with a white bow. She is rarely seen without this white bow in her hair do to its significance in her mind. Her eyes are a dark, rich blue with a usual look of anger in them. She never seems to have a smile on her face, unless it's a rather...creepy looking grin. She usually manages to kept an angry or blank expression on her face. When not in the expected hospital gown, she would tend to wear dark colored dressed with black tights underneath and black Mary-Janes.

Natalia, just by observing her, is a very quiet and withdrawn teenager. She is considered rather beautiful, so most who do not know her believe she is merely shy or just isn't one to speak up; so they approach and get surprised. Depending on what people do to annoy her, she could do as little as merely hissing at them to try to frighten them or do as much as physically assault them by using weapons of any kind. At nearly all times, she'd have a knife with her or in some cases; several knives in her possesstion.

She has no emotional attachment to anyone in her family besides her elder brother, whom she adores more than anything in the world. However, due to certain circumstances, he is actually one of the people most terrified of her. She tries to force marriage on him or at least any sort of sexual activity.

Due to her violent behavior, she is quite the loner. She spends nearly all of her time in her bedroom besides her forcing herself to go to school, though she hates with an obvious passion. Despite this, she is a very good student. She is naturally very intelligent, this most likely being the reasons why she has not entirely 'punished' for her violent outbursts; she merely talks her way out of things.

Now that she's no longer in the place she lived with her father, mother, and her half-siblings, she tends to be much more angry. On a daily basis, she asks for her older brother though she has already learned that she most likely will not get him until she is 'recovered' or at least well enough not to always attack those around her.

Possible Depression

Fits of Rage
Violent behavior
Lack of emotion when not enraged
Slight Paranoia
Unclear thoughts

Natalia was sent here after Belarusian doctors could not control her.

Other Notes:
Despises taking her medication and is known for hiding the pills under her tongue to try and fool the person making her take the medication.

Natalia was the third born to her mother, whom had previously given birth to her elder sister and elder brother. All three had different fathers, causing her older sister to be half-Ukranian and half-Russian and her older brother to be full Russian. Natalia however, is half Belarusian and half Russian. After she was born, her family settled down in the captial of Belarus, Minsk. She grew up quite happily attached to her big brother, whom always seemed to be smiling. Her childhood was somewhat normal, though it changed during the beginning of her teenage years.

As she had turned fourteen years old, Natalia had her first episode of what was later diagonised as Scizophrenia. She began staying up at all hours of the night, rarely sleeping at all anymore. This caused her to become very irritable and rather violent. She took a knife with her to school on several occasions, sometimes using it for stabbing her classmates if they did not listen when she was tell them to leave her alone. Soons after these incidents, she began seeing things that obviously were not there. She would learn to ignore these hallucinations, or at least try her best to not give them the attention that they wanted in opes that they would leave her.

These symptoms and outbursts clearly got worse over the time she grew older. The Belarusian doctors could not handle her and kicked the girl out, causing her mother to have to try her best to find treatment for her out of control daughter. Natalia was sent to America two years after her illness had been introduced to her, where she was placed in the care of American relatives and sent to Axis Memorial Hospital so that she could be treated and would hopefully somewhat learn to live in the society without causing harm to others or herself.

Other Important Info: I believe this past should be able to work whether or not the Russia or Ukrane wish to treat Natalia as their little sister.

Roleplay Sample:

Natalia glared over at this boy, whom was treating her just like every other bimbo he would most likely come across. "Niama." She hissed out the Belarusian word for 'No' to this slightly younger teenage boy. He still pestered her, however; he wouldn't give in so easily. It was like he initially expected her to say no at first, but would be the first to give in. She could somewhat read the cliche attitude of him. He expected her to refuse but then give in when she was offered something she wanted.

He offered money, and she slapped him before grabbing the knife she had hidden in her clothes. The people around them gasped and watched helplessly as the violent girl viciously attacked the seemingly helpless young man. The knife was pressed against his throat and their faces were inches away from each other. "Do you mind repeating that?" A hostile tone was heard in her low and incredibly creepy sounding voice. When he didn't respond and merely urinated on himself, she pushed him away in disgust. She couldn't believe this. She came from her home in Belarus for this?! Oh, she was not going to have a nice time here. Not if everyone was as much of a wimp as this stupid American was.

'Someday... Somehow... I will see my dear big brother again.'


Name: Katie/Kaitlin
Timezone: Central Standard Time GMT -6
MSN - baltic_liet_nation@hotmail.com
You read the rules, right?: My favorite color is red, thank you.
Anything else?: I'm very crazy, so don't mind me if I say something unexpected! Also, I apologize in advance if my Belarusian is incorrect. I'm using Google Translate.
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Gilbert Beilschmidt
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PostSubject: Re: Natalia Arlovskaya-Braginski (Belarus Application)   Sat Oct 30, 2010 4:16 pm

I am afraid that this hospital does not deal with mental ailments, unless they are symptoms of a physical one. SO, I am sorry, your application is quite good, but we cannot accept you until this is fixed.
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PostSubject: Re: Natalia Arlovskaya-Braginski (Belarus Application)   Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:32 pm

Was this shown any where in the rules or anything about this? I honestly don't remember seeing that mental ailments do not apply to thing particular roleplay, which honestly shocks me since I would expect a lot of these character to have some sort of mental problem.
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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Natalia Arlovskaya-Braginski (Belarus Application)   Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:13 pm

It might not be directly stated, but if you read anything else on the forum it is shown through everything else. I am sorry. You can have another week to do your application over, if you would like. If not, I am sorry. The only other thing I can offer you is trying to find you a psychiatric hospital roleplay.
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PostSubject: Re: Natalia Arlovskaya-Braginski (Belarus Application)   Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:46 pm

Though that option would not turn out well either, as the roleplay you're speaking of was discontinued.
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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Natalia Arlovskaya-Braginski (Belarus Application)   Sun Oct 31, 2010 2:53 pm

Ahh no, I am in one that I just posted in yesterday and am talking to people on it right now. Please don't talk to me that way when I am trying to help you...
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PostSubject: Re: Natalia Arlovskaya-Braginski (Belarus Application)   

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Natalia Arlovskaya-Braginski (Belarus Application)
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