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 Feliks Łukasiewicz's application

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PostSubject: Feliks Łukasiewicz's application   Thu Oct 28, 2010 11:03 pm


Full Name: Feliks Łukasiewicz
Age: will be 22 very soon!
Birthday: November 11
Gender: like, totally MALE, duh~
Hometown: WARSAW, of course!

Feliks is usually being mistaken as a girl at the first sight because of his slim body shape, his height (168cm only), his pale skin, the nicely crafted features on his face and his semi-long silky hair (the fact that he dresses up in female uniform by default might also be one of the main reasons). Feliks’ characteristic cat-like facial expression gives people a feeling that he takes a casual attitude in everything.

Feliks is shy in the first place and it takes him sometime to get used to strangers. On the contrary, he doesn’t like staying alone so he will stick to a particular person like, forever once he gets comfortable with the other. He might seem a bit selfish and pushy in his speech but he’s generally a considerate (occasionally) and a caring person. He would usually find excuses to make it sounds like he does everything for his own sake just because he doesn’t want to make it obvious that he actually cares about the matter/person and that’s like, totally lame if the other finds out.

His creativity allows him to discover the fun of almost everything so he never finds it boring at work. He generates “genius” ideas from time to time which other people find them beyond their understanding. He enjoys what he does and his optimism enables him to cope with the stress at work.

Feliks has no resistance toward cute things like ponies and the colour pink. He insists his work place and his uniform to be in the color pink but unfortunately no one listens to him.

Position: Nurse~
Experience: A month. He’s just graduated last semester and he’s now training to become a real nurse.
Expertise: Injection (He doesn’t have much experience yet as he’s still a newbie...he’ll be expertized in something one day).
Other Notes: He followed Toris to babysit in his teens so he managed to gain some skills in looking after children.

Feliks’s family had a cottage house in Utena, Lithuania, which they would visit every holiday and that’s where Feliks met Toris when he was 5. Toris always happened to have to babysit his neighbour’s children in the evenings even when he was supposed to be having term breaks and Feliks was obviously not satisfy with it cause his BFF was like, totally meant to be staying with him 24/7. So like, Feliks declared that he’d follow Toris to go babysitting and that’s how he developed his skills (more of less) in looking after children (through observing Toris).

It was like the end of world to Feliks when Toris only simply informed him that he decided to move to the States for college to study medicine. He was sad at the beginning as this indicated that they were going to be separated over a long distance and they were not going to see each other that often. And that totally sucked ‘cause Toris was Feliks’ best and his only friend; now he’d be left alone if Toris was gone. Feliks then declared that he would be doing nursing at the same college as Toris in the States after an overnight contemplation. YES, a night was already a lot for Feliks. However, he had to wait for an extra year until high school graduation as Feliks was in a year below Toris and he was unable to leave the country before that.

Working hard in his final year of high school, Feliks managed to follow his original plan and got into medical school following his friend Toris. Medical schools was always competitive but Feliks was the kind of person who would be able to study or to complete any challenging tasks once he had determined to.

Feliks didn't have a good reason to become a nurse. Mostly he wanted to follow his friend. This was enough motivation to get him past his insecurities when around strangers. Of course this cost him a few problems, as his mother had warned, but he had made up his mind to get through this to see the other man. So after much hard work. Feliks was finally able to graduate in the last semester and immediately applied at Axis Memorial Hospital where he soon started working. There he was finally able to stay at his best friend's side, for the most part.

Other Important Info:
He wears female nurse uniform by default.

Roleplay Sample:
Feliks reached his arm out, flailing in the empty air before he successfully found the location of his noisily ringing alarm clock and set it off.

“5.00….” Feliks thought to himself as he opened one eye lazily. He sat up unwillingly on his bed, rubbing his eyes with a hand before he whipped open the curtain. It’s still pitch-dark outside and there wasn’t anyone walking on the street. Feliks didn’t intend to go back to sleep at this early hour though as it’s going to be another new stage in his life; it’s the first day where he was going to start working at Axis Memorial Hospital, the same work place as his best friend!

He became excited once this idea struck him. He ran to the bathroom, hurriedly took a refreshing shower in the morning before he scuttled back to his room in a towel, taking his nurse uniform off the hanger he hanged on the closet door the night before and slipped it on. He twirled once in front of the mirror, nodding and grinning approvingly at his own reflection, thinking that he made the right choice to become a nurse as he suited in the uniform so well. He then took out a stocking from his drawer, pulling it on before he grabbed his jacket along with a piece of bread in the kitchen and left home for this new start.


Name: Rica
Timezone: GMT+8
You can PM me if there's anything :3
You read the rules, right?: REDDISH COLORS /YELLOW/BLUE ARE MY FAVES Very Happy
Anything else?:

;A; sorry I made an account before being accepted orz

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PostSubject: Re: Feliks Łukasiewicz's application   Fri Oct 29, 2010 2:08 pm

Sorry for not getting to this sooner, I was feeling a little sick last night when I first read it. I really like your application, it made me giggle in some spots! I really like how you made him a nurse, though at the same time that frightens me horribly. Please don't bring a pony into my room~! Also, you mention children a lot, but make sure to visit adult patients too because everyone here seems to love the tiny ones! You are accepted for sure. Please change your name to Feliks Łukasiewicz and start posting! And playing in the chatbox, maybe~?
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PostSubject: Re: Feliks Łukasiewicz's application   Fri Oct 29, 2010 10:49 pm

awww I hope you will get better soon ><
and thank you! I was just thinking to make Feliks bringing a pony to work lol
Sure~! Will make sure that adults patients also get the deserved attention Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Feliks Łukasiewicz's application   

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Feliks Łukasiewicz's application
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