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 Hetalia Lockdown

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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Hetalia Lockdown   Fri Oct 22, 2010 6:08 pm

They call it the Lockdown.

In truth, it is survival of the fittest at its finest.

Thrown into an environment beyond their control, where they are implanted with computer chips, corralled, and manipulated like animals, criminals from all walks of life are pitted against each other. Their objective is to kill all others using whatever tools they have at their disposal until there is only one left standing.

Some say that you can escape, that if you beat the Lockdown you will be set free.

The only problem is, no one ever wins.

Not really.

★ Hetalia Lockdown ★

Hetalia Lockdown is a Hetalia: Axis Powers AU Role Play set in a human-only universe where the nations involved are convicted criminals. Mass murderers, rapists, terrorists, hit men—they are the scourge of society who have made their names infamous across the world through their terrible acts and brilliant cunning.

Because of its premise, Hetalia Lockdown is a mature RP that handles subjects some may find difficult or triggering. Much of the content within the Lockdown Zone will constitute of dark topics such as the murder and torture of characters and, yes, you can die in this game. As a result of such sensitive topics, we do prefer that you be at least eighteen-years-old before you sign up (although obviously we have no real way of verifying this).

★ Are you ready for the Lockdown...? ★

New Board!
Active Board!
Literate RP!
200 Word Minimum!
Many Canon Characters Still Available!
Human Criminal AU!
Unique Gamplay!
Mature Content!

| Rules | How to Play | Plot | Available Characters/Reserves | Application Template |

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Hetalia Lockdown
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