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 Berwald Oxenstierna Application

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Berwald Oxenstierna


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PostSubject: Berwald Oxenstierna Application   Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:59 pm

Full Name: Berwald Oxenstierna
Age: 26
Birthday: June 06
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ljunga, Sweden

Appearance: Berwald is a giant of a man standing at 182 cm (just a little under six feet). He has fair features, light skin and he has short, light blond hair that always looks a little messy no matter how much he combs it. Berwald’s eyes are greenish-blue, like the sea that can be perceived as being very cold or could be seen as calming and refreshing depending on how one “sees” at him.

Personality: Berwald Oxenstierna is the perfect example of the "strong, silent type". He is an independent self-sufficient person. He is very stoic in his expressions so that makes it hard to tell what he is thinking. Because of his introverted nature people tend to be intimidated when they first meet him and think he is “scary”.
However, once a person starts to work with him they will see that there is more to him than what is initially seen on the surface. He is very kind and gentle so he hates to see people in pain. His true nature is quite playful. One reason he doesn’t seem to talk much is that as a humble person he doesn’t like to go on about himself and he likes to respect privacy of people so he won’t pry unless there is something important.
When he does speak, it has a thick accent, but it is direct and to the point.
Berwald has a fair, precious few people he really cares about so he treasures them greatly. When it comes to his loved ones he is very protective of them and would do anything for them.

Position: Doctor
Experience: Completed residency at a different hospital (A recent transfer to Axis Memorial Hospital because of a job opening for “Physical Therapist”)
Expertise: Physical Therapy
Other Notes: Being quiet most of the time makes him a good listener, so he picks up on things others might miss.
His hobbies include making and repairing furniture and crafts. That helps his hands to be careful and steady.

Berwald was born in Ljunga, Sweden. He had very loving parents and his early childhood was happy. However after Berwald started going to school he had trouble finding a niche with his peers. Berwald ended up getting picked on because of his size, looks, quiet nature, and just about everything. If he tried to retaliate at all, the bullies would make it seem like HE started the fight. The major bully in his school happened to be a girl so as a result Berwald’s word was usually not believed. Berwald even back then had tended to keeping everything inside even around his parents (mostly because was hardest to tell someone important that you’re in a shameful state) that so when the point came that he couldn’t take it anymore he ran away.
Unfortunately Berwald ran into trouble and as a result ended up at a hospital. While recovering though he met a doctor who showed him that it is possible to be strong and still be gentle and was taught about being patient and tolerant even towards difficult people. He remembers this person and it later influenced his career choice.
Although it didn’t exactly help him make friends apparently being the ‘bad boy run away’ let him go through his school years in peace. He studied a lot and for all his efforts Berwald eventually went on to study at Karolinska Institutet*. (He eventually found people to call friends in his adulthood years)
Berwald eventually moved to America for his medical career since he heard that Americans were lacking in their medical care so he felt a need to go and help. And so, through many events eventually transferred to Axis Memorial Hospital.

* Karolinska Institutet (Karolinska Institute) is located in Stockholm, Sweden and is one of Europe's largest medical universities.

Other Important Info:
Fluent in Swedish and English through school. Because of some people whom he had met Berwald also knows fragments of other languages such as Danish and Finnish. Because of past events he is civil and polite but he tends to be wary of females in general

Roleplay Sample: must be at least the character you are roleplaying here please
“A’right. Can y’feel this?” Berwald asked as he put a small amount of pressure to a spot on the limb. The boy muttered a conformation and although he didn’t sob a few tears could be seen at the corners of his eyes.
“Ah, s’rry, jus’ try t’ relax.” According to the patient’s records, this up and rising soccer player had the misfortune of getting caught in a car accident on the way to an athletics meet. Now it was in Berwald’s hands to try and get this kid’s limbs back in working order again.
So tense. The muscles are so tense. Berwald noted as he tested the range of motion. He still seems to have feeling though that’s a good sign “Haah” he sighed It was so ironic how although pain is never really a good thing and you never want it, being able to feel it was an indicator that the nerves were still working and therefore a sign of being able to recover.
“Calm d’n, it’ll b’ a’right” Berwald said “It’s a’right t’ cry if y’ need t’” No matter how many patients he saw to it was always sad to see someone upset and in pain. Berwald rubbed small circles around the kid’s back as he tried to comfort him. “Y’ll b’ fine b’fore y’ kno’ it”


Name: Sverige, Sve, Su-san, Berwald, you can call me what you like…
Timezone: GMT-10
MSN/AIM;etc: Just PM me if you need anything…
You read the rules, right?: Hard question…I like all colors…I guess I like white because it stays in the background and lets all the other colors show (a humble type of color…)
Anything else?: This is the first time I’ve ever did a rp with a character like Sweden…but I’ll do my best! (I hope the rp sample is okay…for simplicity I assumed that Berwald’s thoughts are clearer than his spoken words)
Also, “Physical Therapist” actually is a good job for Berwald…
Did you know?
Swedish massage therapy (founded in 1813 by Per Henrik Ling; officially registered in 1887) helped lay roots for modern physical therapy (it was further developed in Great Britain in 1894)
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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Berwald Oxenstierna Application   Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:13 pm

You are accepted! Welcome to the site! You seem to have your Sweden-speak down very well, which is awesome! I always admire when people can do that for some reason. Please make an account with the name Berwald Oxenstierna and feel free to introduce yourself and start posting! And maybe even join us in the chatbox~
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Berwald Oxenstierna Application
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