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 Meet Ver and Genevieve. They keep me company. [Heracles]

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PostSubject: Meet Ver and Genevieve. They keep me company. [Heracles]   Sat Oct 16, 2010 1:46 pm

Being alone for weeks on end had been a bad idea Francis had decided. He ended up getting another ferret (a moddled brown one this time) and he had been staring at the two frolicing in a box-house he had crudely cut out when he realized he was starting to become a hermit. When was the last time he had even talked to someone? Or much less have someone over.

So calling Heracles and inviting him for a friendly dinner seemed the logical thing to do right? He had been his closest friend at the hospital, which right now... Was saying a lot.

The Frenchman had been cooking for a while now, idly stirring a pot when he heard the doorbell ring, turning only to be met with a face full of brow fur on his shoulder. "Genevieve... off-" he murmured, plucking her off his shoulder and cradling her, Ver still curled up half around his neck as he started towards the door.

He opened it with a sheepish smile, petting the brown ferret quietly. "Salut Heracles... It's- been a while, non?"
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PostSubject: Re: Meet Ver and Genevieve. They keep me company. [Heracles]   Mon Oct 25, 2010 4:36 pm

Heracles fidgeted a little as he approached Francis' home. He didn't often visit his co-workers outside of work, no matter how friendly they got with each other, so this departure from his normal schedule was making him nervous. Still, Francis had disappeared from the hospital for a while after...him, so Heracles was glad to see the other man socializing again.

He rang the doorbell, waiting for Francis to open the door for him. He was curious to see how he was doing after his...hermit-like experience these last few weeks. He smiled as Francis opened the door, his eyes drawn to the furry thing in his arms. He almost reached out to pet the ferret, before remembering that it didn't like to..be...wait. There were two ferrets. The one that didn't like to be touched as wrapped around Francis' neck like a scarf.

His smile turned a touch sad at Francis' question, having missed the other man while he had been on his hiatus from work. "Yes, it has been a while. It's good to see you Francis. I see you got a new ferret?" He really wanted to pet the thing. He loved cats above all else, but cute furry things in general just made him smile. However, he also didn't want to get hurt so he'd wait to see if it was safe to pet the new one before doing anything.
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Meet Ver and Genevieve. They keep me company. [Heracles]
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