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 Chao Sunan [Thailand]

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Chao Sunan


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PostSubject: Chao Sunan [Thailand]    Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:47 pm


Full Name:Chao Sunan (Sunan is his first name)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Hometown: Ko Samui, Thailand

Appearance: Sunan stands approximately 5 feet, six inches tall, and weighs around one-hundred-seventeen pounds; boarding underweight. His hair is a dark, chocolate brown and normally hangs just above his shoulders, though he usually has it styled in a quirky, spiky fashion that makes it seem much shorter and messier. His eyes are the same color as his hair and though he wears glasses, his vision isn’t all that bad. Sunan’s skin is a rather light color, though he tans incredibly easily when in the sunlight for a long amount of time. He has permanent, light grey bruises on the inside of his elbows, due to all of the transfusions.

Personality: Sunan is a very optimistic, young man. He loves spending time being surrounded by other people, even ones he doesn’t know that well. Any kind of company is good company for him, just because he absolutely hates being alone. He’s a fun-loving type who enjoys laughing and having a good time with good people; sitting and chatting, playing games, anything social really.

However.. Sunan is, truly, a very pessimistic, if not depressed individual. His real outlook on things is rather grim, usually expecting the worse, though some little part of him is always helping for the better. So he does his absolute best to keep a positive attitude. Even after every unfortunate occurrence, he simply gets back up, puts on his cheery smile and goes on trying to believe things will get better soon.

In short; Sunan has two different sides. The one everyone gets to see; a bubbly, fun-loving, gentleman who can always find a bright side to everything. And the side others rarely get to see, in which he allows himself to be sad and realistic; not everything gets better and not everything goes away.

Diagnosis: Thalassemia Major / Hemoglobin E
Symptoms: Pain/discomfort ranging from the abdomen to chest, decreased appetite, pale skin, fever, headaches, dizziness, rapid heart rate, weight loss, sore tongue, weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, pulmonary hypertension.

Incident: After going back to his birth relatives, his symptoms continued to worsen; he became severely underweight and very weak, hardly ever leaving his bed, until they finally took him to get checked into the Hospital and simply.. Left him there for treatment.

Other Notes:Thalassemia major patients receive frequent blood transfusions that lead to iron overload. Iron chelation treatment is necessary to prevent iron overload damage to the internal organs in patients with Thalassemia Major.

History: Sunan had a very, very uneventful childhood. Or so he would tell people if they could persuade him to talk about it. In reality, however, his childhood and home-life were rather hectic. Being the youngest of the family when his parents passed away in some tragic incident, he was shuffled from foster home to foster home and orphanage to orphanage. But at each one, something went wrong. The foster parents couldn’t afford to take care of him after all.. They or the other family members, were abusive.. The orphanages didn’t have enough room for him.. Or he was constantly bulled at them.. It seemed like none of the places he spent his childhood at were any kind of happy. Due to all of this, he gradually became rather shy, quiet and wary of people. After all, at such an impressionable child, after so many cruel and negative people in his life, it was only natural for him to start drawing away from others all together.

At one point in the long strings of foster homes and orphanages, he wound up living with the Chao family for a brief moment of time. Easily considered the only happy home he had, despite its briefness. During that small amount of time, however, his foster-father there left the biggest impression on him; they didn’t interact much because of Sunan’s natural shyness and wariness in getting close to people, however. But he became attached to the painter nonetheless. The family wasn’t that well off, considering both parents were artists, but they were happy and kind. And that was what Sunan needed most. Mr. Chao not only taught him to him to try and find the good in others; no matter how terrible they seemed, but also inspired him to become an artist as well. Not a painter, however, but a photographer instead.

The shuffling around continued however, and eventually, he was returned to relatives of his birth parents. From there, his condition continued to grow worse, and considering they didn’t want him in the first place; they sent him to the Hospital, in hopes he’d wind up having to stay there until he could live on his own.

Other Important Info: His family has never once visited or contacted him since he checked in. They pay all his bills, though.

Roleplay Sample: Sunan smiled. Though he had officially asked Lin to be his boyfriend quite a while ago, now.. They had yet to go on a real date. Instead, they spent their time lounging and cuddling at Yao’s house, usually, occasionally at Kiku’s. But today, Sunan wanted to take Lin out; to some place that wasn’t home, some place fun where they have an actual date together for the very first time. And so, here the young man was, standing at the front entrance of the amusement park as he rocked back and forth on his heels, waiting. It wasn’t that his date was running late.. Its just that Suriname had a terrible sense of direction, and thus had left extremely early to keep from turning up late if he got lost...which he did. As a result, he arrived about 10 minutes earlier than what he should have, but he was happy for it. It gave him a few minutes to grab a little bouquet of flowers from the park’s gift shop.

These, he kept perfectly hidden behind his back.

The Asian had even gotten just a tiny bit dressed up for his love. Or rather.. Dressed down. Instead of the normal, almost formal clothes he usually wore when they were at Yao’s or Kiku’s, Sunan was wearing wearing a pair of dark blue jeans, a tank top with one side patterned after Thailand’s flag divided in half, with random, black dash marks across where the two sides met to look like stitching, a thing, white, short sleeve button up thrown over this. Upon his messy, black locks which were styled quirkily as usual, was a little, black beret, and around his neck was a simple silver chain with a small, elephant charm

And so he stood, continuing to wait for the other; trying not to get flustered by the soft murmuring and giggling he’d hear as people appearing close to his age passed by, or the odd looks they flashed him. He simply closed his bright, brown hues and continued rocking back and forth on his heels as he held the bouquet of tree peonies tightly, hoping Lin would show up soon..


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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Chao Sunan [Thailand]    Wed Oct 13, 2010 5:12 pm

Your name is very very familiar...hmm...must find out where I know you from! Anyways, I really liked your application and how you have him so you are accepted! Welcome to the forums. Please make an account with the name Chao Sunan, and feel free to introduce yourself and start posting!
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Chao Sunan [Thailand]
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