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 Arthur Kirkland

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Arthur Kirkland


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PostSubject: Arthur Kirkland    Sun Oct 03, 2010 6:16 am


Full Name:Arthur Kirkland
Age: 22
Birthday: 23 April, 1988
Gender: Male
Hometown: London, England, United Kingdom

Arthur has blond messy hair that looks like he has cut it himself. His thick eyebrows above his green eyes, cannot be overlooked and Arthur is often teased for it. His skin is pale because the sun rarely shines and Arthur doesn’t take time to go sun tanning. Arthurs height is average and he’s pretty skinny. He’s almost always formally dressed, he likes to feel neat.

Personality: Arthur complains and rant a lot. Though no matter how much he rants about something he actually quite like it. For example the rain, he complains a lot about the shitty weather, but Arthur loves the rain. Arthurs character could be described as tsundere.

He has a few “secret” hobbies. Those are related to magic and paranormal things. His friends and family often make fun of that.

Arthur lives alone. Ever since he started college, he had decided to live on his own. He sometimes feels lonely and misses actual people living with him. He doesn’t have many friends either. When loneliness struck him again, he goes drinking, though he can’t handle alcohol and is quickly drunk.
However there are days Arthur loves being alone, just sipping tea and watching the rain fall down.

Diagnosis: Broken arm, heavy headace
Symptoms: Headache, dizyness
Incident: Car accident
Other Notes:
Arthur had sat in the passengers seat and his friend was driving. Another driver came around the corner like mad. Too late to stop the car they crashed. Which resulted Arthur hitting his head and braking one arm.

History: The Kirkland family is a rather big family. Born in London, Arthur had lived there with his siblings and parents for quite awhile. Till the age of 18th actually. By then he enrolled a highschool in America and moved to there. Some of his siblings followed after him.

Though going to America together, Arthur and his siblings live in different apartments. Arthur currently lives alone in America and sometimes meets some of his family.

Other Important Info: Maybe his likes and dislikes?
- Tea: Like a real English gentleman, Arthur enjoy a cup of hot tea.
- Cooking: Though he can’t really cook, he loves it.
- The rain: He likes to listen and watch the rain fall down the sky
- Reading: Arthur enjoy his afternoon reading a good book
- Daydreaming and fantasy things: He highly believes that things like fairies and unicorns exist.

- The French: They’re arrogant, annoying, just… ew.
- Being late: He wants to be in time and have others do so too.
- Being made fun off especially when they make fun off his eyebrows, he doesn’t like it when he isn’t taken serious.
- Loud and annoying people
- People invading his personal space

Roleplay Sample:
Arthur grunted as his alarm clock went off. He immediately gripped his head. "Bloody hurts." He groaned as he turned the damn thing off. Rolling out of bed slowly which resulted hitting his head against the wall. Crying out in pain as he stumbled towards the kitchen and poured himself a glass water.

He rubbed his forehead. Bloody hangover. Arthur new very well that he couldn't handle his alcohol, but yet he was to stubborn to admit it. His stubborness always resulted in regretting it in the morning. He tried to remember what had happened last night.

It was someone's party. He didn't even know whose and didn't even care. There apperently had been alcohol. And he had drunk it. Probably got drunk. He could only hope he had not done something stupid. Soon it was proven other wise as his phone rang and he got a text message "Nice legs, Artie" He regretted the other day right away when he saw a picture of himself dancing naked on a table. He burried his face in his hands and cried out in shame.


Name: Mathi
Timezone: GMT + 1
MSN/AIM;etc: Msn: the_igsel@hotmail.com. IM: mathihamster.
You read the rules, right?: Blue
Anything else?: I guess it's alright to apply for Arthur now, right?
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Arthur Kirkland


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PostSubject: Re: Arthur Kirkland    Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:43 am

Finished it in time~ :yayitaly:
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Feliciano Vargas

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PostSubject: Re: Arthur Kirkland    Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:27 am

You are accepted. Sorry for the late answer! Please change your username to Arthur Kirkland. Feel free to start posting and such~
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PostSubject: Re: Arthur Kirkland    

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Arthur Kirkland
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