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 Gilbert Beilschmidt

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Gilbert Beilschmidt
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PostSubject: Gilbert Beilschmidt    Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:45 am



Full Name:
Gilbert Beilschmidt
January 18th
Ostheim, Germany

Gilbert is just like an albino, with unnaturally pale skin, half lidded red eyes and choppy, silver-blonde hair. His hair is also home to a small, yellow chick that appears there on occasion. He usually doesn't realize his guest, so it confuses him when people point it out. His facial features are distinctly German and he has a light muscular build, slightly taller than average. While being the older brother, Gilbert is actually shorter than his sibling due to poor nutrition in his youth.

Dark blue (Prussian blue, to be exact) mechanic's coveralls are Gil's usual attire, though while not at work he dresses in loose collared shirts or tees. He rarely wears green, as it clashes with his eyes and he doesn't feel like being considered a 'walking Christmas tree'. While outside in the daylight he is usually found wearing a pair of dark sunglasses, the lack of pigmentation in his eyes causing them to be extremely sensitive to light. Due to this sensitivity, his vision is not exactly up to par and he is also known to wear glasses while reading or working with small objects.

Narcisistic to the core, not many people find themselves able to stand being the "amazing" presence Gilbert Beilschmidt for very long. However, those that stick around to get to know him will find that he is more than the egoistic blob he presents to the outside world. He loves to mess with other people, going out of his way to pick on the easy targets. He is every bit as serious as Ludwig inside, but it takes a lot for it to show, as he prefers stirring up trouble. While he may seem fine enough to leave on his own, if left by himself for too long he will become extremely depressed and upset.

He keeps many diaries and journals since his early years of life, most of them starting off with "I was so cool today" or things like that. He also has a strange fondness for cute things, such as stuffed animals or small people. He proclaims himself to be a wiz at cleaning, but doesn't put much effort into doing tasks like that, or things that he could get bored of easily.

Severe Chronic Obstructive Pulminary Disease

► A rapid breathing rate
► Wheezing sounds or crackles in the lungs heard through a stethoscope
► Breathing out taking a longer time than breathing in
► Chronic cough and sputum production

Passed out at work.

Other Notes:
He does not believe himself to have anything more than a bad cold, so he keeps sneaking out of bed and avoiding treatment. He attempts to get others to take him to the bar, usually in vain.

Gilbert lived with his family in Ostheim for a larger part of his childhood. He was extremely close to his brother, Ludwig, but not so much with his parents. They were ashamed of his unnatural looking features and kept their distance from him, speaking with him formally and only when nesessary. Due to this, he became a troublemaker in the classroom, just to get their attention. Still, Ludwig was the only one who spent time with him.

When he was in his early teens, he noticed that he had strange feelings for a boy in his class. Confused, he made the mistake of asking his parents what was wrong with him. They labeled him a disgrace and sent him away to live with his uncle in California so he couldn't 'taint' his brother.

He was extremely hurt and missed his brother a lot, but living in the city with his uncle, whom everyone just referred to as 'Old Fritz', was one of the best changes he felt could have been made in his life. Unfortunately it is also one of the causes that led to his illness.

He learned many other things with Fritz, such as an appreciation for the arts and how to play the flute, a fact that he never shares with anyone because for some reason Americans thought learning the flute was girly. As he grew up, he became interested in cars and became an apprentace at a local garage when he turned sixteen. It was a little while later that Fritz died, plauged by constant illness. After his death, Gilbert was visited by a local drug gang and coerced into joining them. After joining, he was forced to be the group's dealer, a high risk job that no one else wanted to do. During this time, he moved in with a member of the garage, a heavy smoker who had treated him like a younger brother since he started. He lived there until he was both emotionally and financially stable enough to be able to afford his own apartment, which he acheived a couple years later. It wasn't until later that he managed to distance himself from the criminals enough that he only had to worry about the occasional client recognizing his features and demanding whatever they were addicted to.

Other Important Info:
Gilbert has a strong resentment for taking any types of medicines, whether it be pills, liquid or etc.

Roleplay Sample:
This is from Wiztalia because I'm lazy.
The night before his eleventh birthday found Gilbert bouncing happily on his bed. He stayed this way all night and into the early morning, buzzing with excitement. Fritz had told him to go to bed several times, but he just couldn't. This owl needed to hurry up. It was....2:30 in the morning and that what two and a half hours into the day. 'I thought owls were nocturnal! Where IS this guy?'

Around 8 in the morning, he heard scraping at the window downstairs and bolted down, just in time to see Fritz open the window to allow in a messenger owl. This was it! His glorious acceptance into a wizarding school. This was they day he finally became a man. This was the start of his head's new role as a seat for small avians. He tore open the envelope carefully and after giving Fritz a huge grin, began to read the contents aloud.

Four years later, he received another letter. He glared at the owl as it flew in, snatching the letter in it's talons before it perched on his head. Another school year, another letter? Hadn't they expelled him yet? Gilbert smirked and flipped over the envelope, thinking that he would have to up his pranks if they were still willing to admit him.

He paused and stared at the seal on the back of the envelope. That wasn't his German school's symbol at all, what was this? He opened it and read the letter warily. Hogwarts? In England? He was being accepted as an exchange student to Hogwarts? He could hardly believe it. His parents spoke so highly of Hogwarts and how there was no way they would ever consider taking someone like him into their school. How interesting.

He entered the Great Hall with a smirk. All eyes were on him, as they should be. He gave the crowd a quick scan, this should be good, no one flinched yet when he entered. Oh how that would change. He sat on the stool and waited patiently until an old, patchy hat was placed in his hair. Well, was almost placed in his hair before it called out "SLYTHERIN" in a loud voice. The green and silver table erupted in cheers. He rose and strode confidently to the table, where a spot was made for him to sit. He almost burst out laughing at their eagerness. It was about time someone else acknowledged how amazing he was.


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PostSubject: Re: Gilbert Beilschmidt    Thu Aug 19, 2010 2:12 am

Awww....I feel bad for him. I wanna go punch his family in the face. But thanks to that darn chain smoker, I got my hospital buddy! You are accepted, of course! We both have coughs, we can just sit and cough at one another all day. Now, I don't have to tell you this but you can post and such now. Also, I love how it is depressing then that...that .gif pffff
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Gilbert Beilschmidt
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