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 My Adorable, Loving, Precious Grandson. Pleasedon'tpunchme. [Lovino]

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PostSubject: My Adorable, Loving, Precious Grandson. Pleasedon'tpunchme. [Lovino]   Mon Sep 27, 2010 12:32 pm

There were a few hobbies that Romulus loved to do; go out, find beautiful women, have sex, cook, and make money- but above all of that? Taking care of his grandsons.

Above all else in this world, even above his money, even above sex- Romulus would do anything for his two precious grandchildren- Feliciano and Lovino. Though right now... The latter wasn't really allowingh him to do much in the way of expressing that fatherly devotion.

"Lovino- Lovi wait please!" he jogged after the auburn hair, ignoring the stares of patients. He's just managed to find the young Italian inside, where he quite happily annouced the fact that he would be Lovino's new boss and the owner of the hospital.

And... well... Lovino hadn't really... said anything before he started to walk away. He should be happy right? His Grandpapa was going to be his boss! That would be a good thing! They could spend time together, Lovino could probably even have a raise... they could take care of Feliciano together...

So when Lovi started heading to the exit- Or trying to lose him, he couldn't really be sure- Romulus panicked and followed him close behind. "Lovi! Please just talk to me! You're breaking your poor grandpa's heart!" he declared, hand dramatically against his chest. "Lovi!"
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PostSubject: Re: My Adorable, Loving, Precious Grandson. Pleasedon'tpunchme. [Lovino]   Mon Sep 27, 2010 1:11 pm

There were many things in life Lovino didn’t like. His grandfather happened to be one of those things that fell into the hate list. After the idiotic old fool left them a few years ago, the Italian thought the elder Italian was out of their lives for good. In an attempt to pick up the pieces his departure left behind, Lovino had taken his younger brother in and tried to fill the gap in his brother’s life. He hadn’t been able to do a good job, but it seemed to be enough to keep Feliciano happy, so Lovino was content with it.

Understandably, Lovino was upset when he learned that Romulus was coming back into his life. That would have been fine. He didn’t care if the old man decided to have a change in heart and come back. He could do that if he wanted. It was what came after. The old fool had made a giant announcement in the middle of the hallway, announcing that the hospital had a new owner…and Lovino a new boss.

What the hell was the old man’s problem? Lovino had been fine with his life before Romulus had barged back in without giving him a choice. His frustration had gotten the better of him and he quickly turned around, storming down the hall with an angry huff. He needed something to make him feel better and the first thought that came to mind was the turtle pond. His turtles always seemed to make him feel better and part of him hoped that certain Spaniard would be there…
Obviously he was wrong. The old man was just following him closer, annoying the Italian even more.
“So I’m finally giving you a piece of your own medicine?” he hissed, spinning on his heel to glare at the older man. “You’ve broken my heart more times then I can count. It’s about time someone did the same thing to you.”
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My Adorable, Loving, Precious Grandson. Pleasedon'tpunchme. [Lovino]
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