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 Application: Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo

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PostSubject: Application: Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo    Thu Sep 23, 2010 10:36 pm

T H E_ C H A R A C T E R

Full Name: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo
Age: 30
Birthday:Febuary 12th
Gender: Male
Hometown:Marbella, Spain

Antonio is a little over average height, standing at five feet and ten inches (about 178 cm). He has a rather muscular build and sports a fairly dark tan in spite of his mostly indoor job. The Spanish man has short, slightly curly dark brown hair which is usually somewhat messy due to his being too lazy to bother with styling it. His eyes are a bright shade of green and he can almost always be found sporting a grin..

Antonio is a very cheerful, enthusiastic person. He's difficult to upset and almost always smiling. A rather optimistic man, he's laid back and usually content to let things happen as they will. Normally he's extremely lazy-but is passionate and focused when it comes to his work.

He is a social, friendly person-sometimes overly so. More than happy to shower people (both those close to him and new friends) with affection. He can get clingy and a bit annoying at times without realizing it. He loves being around people-especially children- and gets rather bored and depressed when left on his own. Though he is forgiving and will almost always look past others faults and worse personality traits, he can be harsh and rather mean to those he decides he doesn't like.

Antonio tries to get along with everyone. This doesn't always work. Its hard to upset him, but once you do he can get...unpleasant. When he's angry his personality does a complete one-eighty turn around. He goes from being his normal, happy-go-lucky self to someone much more violent and malicious. Thankfully for everyone (especially him-its rather unsettling to say the least) this doesn't happen often.

The Spaniard can be a little dense at times. It's not something he does on purpose, he just isn't very observant when it comes to things outside of his work. Things that most people would catch generally go over his head and he often comes off as oblivious (not that this is completely untrue). If you were to tell him that he couldn't judge a situation or read an atmosphere he'd probably apologize, laugh and ask you what you meant. The blunt approach is probably the best thing to go for when dealing with Antonio

Experience: Four years
Expertise: None
Other Notes: None

Antonio was born in Madrid, Spain on Febuary 12th 1980 to two loving (if somewhat unprepared) parents. He spent five or six happy years in his parents rather small, cramped apartment before the couple decided that it was time to get a bigger place. They eventually moved out to Marbella where his mothers sister (and her half dozen or so children) lived so that their son could be closer to children his own age. Needless to say he was not pleased with this decision.

After some sulking he got over his initial shock (nothings all that shocking to a five year old for very long) and discovered that he actually liked being around his family and the ocean and before long he was having fun with, showing off for, and occasionally bullying his cousins. This was where the trouble started. He wasn't a bad kid, he just had a short attention span and an even shorter memory.

One day they were playing firemen with and he had an ax they'd found at his uncles house (because really, only the best firefighters got to use the axes). One bad swing and a large amount of blood were all it took to land him in an E.R. There he met Dr.Trastámara. The doctor gave him him a tomato and told him it would make everything all better (well that and the stitches-but kid under seven thinks those mean anything?). This was not the last time he saw the doctor. Over the next few years he spent a lot of time at the hospital. Once he was old enough to understand that tomatoes weren't the cure to everything he decided that he wanted to be a doctor.

This was a lot easier said than done. When he told his parents about this decision they were elated-they also became much more strict about their sons grades. By the time he got to high school most of his cousins and friends had been deemed “Distractions” or “bad influences” and the family packed up again and moved to Florida in the hope he'd be able to focus more. Surprisingly, this plan worked.

His first few years of college passed uneventfully, until he decided that he wanted to move out on his own. This caused a mild falling out between he and his parents and ended in him moving to California to get his doctorate. Somehow he never ended up moving back...

Other Important Info: Guitar-plays it, loves it-its name is Isabelle, she was a gift for his 16th birthday.

Roleplay Sample:
(Swiping this from my spacetalia account because I don't feel like typing something, I will though if you feel like I need to...)

He still wasn't sure what had happened. One day his Isabelle had been working perfectly, and then he'd made a routine stop and come back to find that she refused to start. The ship was old, and this happened occasionally. Usually the problem could be solved by pressing the right button, flipping a switch or applying enough duct tape. A through examination of the ship, however, had shown that mot of the usual problems were taken care of. Clearly this was cause for alarm...or at least some minor worrying.

In the five or so odd years since he'd bought the craft, it had always been been reliable-if a bit rundown. Sure, it might have been the only thing he could afford when he'd first gotten it and sure, he could probably buy several times its number now, but really he owed it some degree of loyalty. Besides, why fix what wasn't badly broken?

Which had been how he'd found himself searching through a jumble of names and numbers stored in an old organizer that he hadn't been able to bring himself to throw away. Criminals, vegetable supplier, criminals he'd caught, various contacts...how had he gotten anything done before he'd had his baby and her computer to organize this stuff. Eventually he'd found what he was looking for. He'd remembered the name because, at the time he'd thought it sounded like one of those strange bird species that were always being discovered. Whoever had given him the mans number had informed him that he was “the most awesome mechanic this side of the galaxy” which was exactly what he needed.

So, he'd got the number and called the fellow up and begged him to come and fix his ship. At first he thought the man was going to refuse-Antonio found himself informing him that money was no object. He'd cringed inwardly after the words left his mouth-but he'd gotten his mechanic. Oh well, he could part with the cost as long as Mr.Vogel got his Isabelle up and running again.

True to his word, the older man had appeared not too long after. Few words had been exchanged before the German man had gone off to do...whatever it was he was doing. Toni watched for a while, or at least until he got bored with trying to figure out what Ansehelm was doing and wandered off to check on the other inhabitants of the shuttle.

The turtles were fine. Then again, they always were. Great animals those turtles- calm, liked tomatoes, didn't spit corrosive acids or try to inject venom into you and have you for lunch,wouldn't freak out on those rare occasions when the gravity decided to go on the fritz in deep space-they were the ideal pet. Kitty...kitty was a bit more difficult. The small animal was currently employed in an attempt to scale the steel of the wall. He chuckled, picking the critter up and tucking it under his arm where it growled for a bit before deciding to play dead.

Satisfied that everything was in order he went to check on his mechanic. He couldn't help but feel excited when he found the blonde instead of just his legs sticking out of his ships operating system.“Did you figure out what was wrong? Did you fix her?”

O O C_ I N F O R M A T I O N

Name: Nyo
Timezone: -5 GMT
You read the rules, right?: Yes, and they were very boring. They'd be much more interesting if you put them in Red~
Anything else?: Uh, I hope this is ok-I don't play Tonio much and this app isn't all that well written. If there's anything wrong with this just tell me and I'll get right on fixing it-if not, I look foward to Rp-ing with everyone~<3

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PostSubject: Re: Application: Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo    Fri Sep 24, 2010 12:55 pm

Ahhh I adore this application! I am glad that we actually got a nice Spain. He is my first choice in RP characters, so I always get so nervous when people apply for him. I love this though. I really like the little tomato thing! So adorable. Only thing is that I put a limit on people specializing in children because we have so many. As long as you promise to look at adults too, you are accepted! Yes I am accepting you before you agree because I loved your application. Shh~ Please change your account name to either Antonio Fernandez C. or Antonio FernandezCarriedo (because of lame character limits in usernames) and feel free to start posting!
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Former Spain 2


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PostSubject: Re: Application: Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo    Fri Sep 24, 2010 1:08 pm

Thank you~

I know, I was originally going to make him a pediatrician, but then I was looking through the announcements and they said I couldn't so I just made him a normal doctor.

I'll get on that name change right away!
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PostSubject: Re: Application: Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo    

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Application: Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo
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