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 Courtney Alexis Campbell (New Zealand)- Application

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PostSubject: Courtney Alexis Campbell (New Zealand)- Application   Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:05 pm


Full Name: Courtney Alexis Cambell (but don't call him Court, Coco, Ney, Nini, Alex, Alexis, Lexi or any other nickname. He'd really just prefer a regular boy name, so using a nickname only makes it worse for him).
Age: 23
Birthday: December 13th, 1986
Gender: Male
Hometown: Napier, New Zealand

Appearance: When someone meets Courtney, the first thing they notice are his eyebrows. Most people would despair over having such atrocious things, but Courtney embraces them. His reason behind this is that if he has huge eyebrows, then people will assume that he is a boy (this isn't the first time this kiwi has been wrong). Even though his body is fairly muscular, it's not enough to convince people that he's a male. Besides his eyebrows and body, he has unruly blonde hair and silver eyes that glow with mischievous intent.

Courtney usually wears loose-fitting jeans and button-down plaid shirts, but if he could, he'd spend the rest of his life without a shirt on. At work, he prefers to wear slacks and a button-down shirt that isn't plaid. His dress is fairly simple, so he usually spends most of his time on his physical appearance. Every chance he gets, Courtney can be found in a tog.

Personality: If you asked Courtney how he felt about himself, he'd say, " What's not to love? I've got it, so as they say, I'd might as well flaunt it." He may come off as vain, but Courtney is a very nice person who would sacrifice himself for someone else (even a stranger) in a heartbeat. He shows an unwavering determination in anything he does- that includes surfing, soccer, guitar, crocheting, streaking through the college campus with his frat pals, and studying anatomy.

Courtney seems to prove some of those New Zealand stereotypes right: He keeps three bobby pins in his hair at all times and never leaves his apartment without his signature Ray-Ban Aviators. He shows this ritualistic side that just has to do things a certain way.

Besides his ingenuity, Courtney has a few quirks that make him who he is today. At random times, he will start singing a random song under his breath. To anyone not familiar with Courtney, this would seem a little odd, but everyone else knows that Courtney is a diehard music lover who can listen to anything- rap, rock, hip-hop, electronica, pop, screamo; you name it, he's probably heard it. He also liked to use New Zealand English around others just to see their reactions, but he doesn't do this anymore; not after the " Flying Jandals" incident.

Not everything is flowers and rainbows for Courtney, though. He doesn't seem to show the maturity acceptable for even a freshman in high school, which makes him come off as an idiot, but he tries his best to act silly in the right situations and mature when need be. Courtney may seem like a brainless beauty at first, but is actually an extremely intelligent individual (he just needs to apply himself).

Position: Intern
Experience: Courtney has been an intern at this hospital for a little over two weeks; he has also shadowed other doctors back in Napier. Courtney is a recent college graduate from the University of Otago, where he obtained his B.S. in Health Sciences (Anatomy and structural biology).
Expertise: Courtney would like to become an orthopedic surgeon.
Other Notes: Also has an interest in endocrinology.

Courtney Alexis Campbell was born to a loving mother and father a little over a week before Christmas, in 1986. This would seem like the perfect fairytale story, if it wasn't for the fact that Christmas for Courtney arrived with butterfly diapers and pink, sparkly onesies. In retrospect, Courtney thinks his parents may have wanted a little girl, but that didn't stop them from spoiling him like that Pavlova still sitting in his fridge from his high school graduation.

His childhood was filled with sports, putting spiders down girls' dresses, and science class. No matter how many demerits he would get from his teachers, Courtney still managed to get the highest grades (in science, because there's no way he could be the top dog in all of his classes). As time went on and Courtney seemed to show regression in his maturity, he began to grow fonder of the human body- albeit those movies in family life class were quite nauseating- and how it performed many life functions. By the time he graduated from high school, Courtney had the maturity of a little boy who thought girls had cooties and the intelligence of a Princeton scholar (his teachers called that a winning combination, but Courtney could have sworn they were being sarcastic).

When deciding what he wanted to major in, Courtney realized the extent as to which he was influenced by doctors and hospitals- just in his senior year alone, he had already experienced two femur fractures, a clavicle fracture, two hand fractures, a humerus fracture, and a shattered patella. This led him to pursue a career in something he was knowledgeable on and had personal experience in.

Four years in college and many student loans, grants and scholarships later, Courtney finally realized that he wanted to live overseas; an exotic place with cultural differences that would make his head spin. Courtney's not the wisest guy around, but he's pretty sure America wasn't a very good choice. California, even though it doesn't have elephants walking the streets or sneaker vending machines, has become home to this Kiwi/surgeon-in-training.

Other Important Info: Courtney has a pet kiwi named Kiwi and is very fond of sheep.

Roleplay Sample:

"Hospitals are intimidating places, man."

Courtney couldn't agree more. Even if this was coming from some random patient who looked ten eggs short of a dozen- the man did have a point. All of those years shadowing physicians taught Courtney a few things: Never bother someone who has the graveyard shift, even if they've had their morning coffee; reciting "Dry Bones" in your head is very, very sad; and hospitals have some of the most intimidating doctors ever. The latter being the most important, for he was currently being stared at by a very intimidating doctor whose eyes seemed to be able to read his very thoughts and probably knew that he was panicking right now and oh man the doctor was walking towards him! Each step seemed to come out louder than the last, and by the time the man was standing in front of Courtney, he felt like he had just been in an earthquake.

" Hello. Would you happen to be the new intern I've been hearing about?" the doctor asked, grinning from ear-to-ear.

Courtney froze. How was he supposed to respond to something like that? In any normal situation, Courtney could happily hold a conversation with ease, but having a conversation with a mind-reader was just a little...well...weird. What would be the point of talking anyway? Wouldn't the guy already know what he was going to say? So that would basically defeat the purpose of talking to this guy, but ignoring him wouldn't be a very wise option either.

" Are you alright? You look a little troubled. Do you need anything?"

Courtney shook his head. He had to take a chance; it was now or never. " I'm here to check-in. I'm the new intern."

The doctor's grin widened (if that was even possible) and he nodded knowingly, " You must be Miss Courtney Alexis Campbell. The hospital staff has been talking so much about you. I'm so excited to meet such a lovely lady such as yourself," the man took Courtney's hand and kissed it, completely ignoring the look of pure mortification on the boy's face.

Miss Courtney Alexis Campbell?! It didn't even matter that he was kissed by a man who didn't work at the hospital and was probably a stalker. The more important thing was that he was mistaken for a girl again! He honestly wanted to cry now, but crying was for babies, and he was no baby. He'd just wait until he got back to his apartment and call his mother. She'd understand why her only son was reduced to a bawling pile of mush (sobbing man-tears, of course), watching Lifetime movies and eating Marmite straight out of the jar.


Name: Ki, Kiki, K.K. (like K.K. Slider) I don't really mind
Timezone: GMT -5 Eastern Standard Time
MSN/AIM;etc: moonlit_prose@yahoo.com
You read the rules, right?: Razzmatazz...yes, it does exist
Anything else?: I just hope I posted in the right place, and if not, I'm extremely sorry. My derpiness defies all logic.
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PostSubject: Re: Courtney Alexis Campbell (New Zealand)- Application   Fri Sep 17, 2010 11:24 pm

Ahhh I can't explain how in love I am with this application! I love how you named him Courtney, and I love how you seemed to address the gender confusion problems in the fandom with him here. Or..it looked like you did that to me. I love your application, so you are accepted! Please make an account with his name, and feel free to start posting! Because of school, things have been a bit slow here, but don't let it scary you away!
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Courtney Alexis Campbell (New Zealand)- Application
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