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 Arthur Kirkland - Application

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PostSubject: Arthur Kirkland - Application    Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:16 am

Dr. Arthur Kirkland

Full Name: Arthur Kirkland
Age: 26 (but he tells everyone he is 23)
Birthday: April 23rd, 1984
Gender: Male
Hometown: Coventry, England, The United Kingdom

Appearance: High-cheekbones with a little bit of baby fat he really can't get rid of with a sharp jaw. His hair is shaggy, thick and always looks like he just woke up. A thin and lean body that was soft around the edges and to top it all over a pair of bright, inquisitive green eyes that show an intelligence that made him a doctor at such a young age. The only arguably unattractive part of the man are his eyebrows, which are very slightly fluffy despite his best effort to trim them. Occasionally he wears glasses, usually while reading charts or doing paperwork, otherwise he goes without them.

His preferred wear are jeans with nice leather shoes, and a dress-shirt with a form-fitting sweater or sweater-vest. Never anything too fancy and occasionally a tie depending on what patients he has that day and whenever he's around the hospital, he usually has a doctor's labcoat on.

Personality: Because Arthur was raised in England with an Oxford education behind him, Arthur is somewhat of a gentleman within a professional setting, but that background (and growing up with two older siblings) has given him quite the snarky edge. He can be incredibly polite one moment and an utter ass the next. He enjoys his quiet time and tea.

Though he is usually very put together, Arthur is easily flustered by praise or being corrected and this embarrassment often shows itself as a flush that starts at his neck and quickly heads up to his cheeks. When someone corrects him or makes a fool of him, usually he'll yell and storm at them before going off to his office and pouting (usually having a smoke to calm himself down)

Knowing that he is of a intelligent disposition often makes him somewhat of an arrogant bastard but deep under all that grump and shrewedness, Arthur can be a rather warm and kind person (jus usually it requires a few drinks to loosen him up). Since he is a professional, he expects the same from those around him and doesn't tolerate much rule-breaking or shenanigans in his presence, that is, of course, unless he is a part of them.

Position: Doctor (half of an MD)
Experience: One year and a few months at Axis Memorial Hospital, but he's done clinic duty at the Oxford hospital during his studies there
Expertise: General medicine and diagnostics. He's terrible at surgery save for little things like stitches (and only because he knits)

History: Arthur Kirkland was a very average (and polite, but no one would believe that now) boy until about the age of six which is when his past starts getting a little strange. Being born in the city of Coventry, Arthur's childhood was spent exploring the many ruins that littered the city and the surrounding country-side, often with his older brother and sister, Mirien and Ian.

However one fine afternoon, when Arthur was out by himself, he stumbled upon a small ring a faeries (which he swears to this day were real. He managed to insult these beings and when he returned to his home, it was a sobbing mother and a very sick baby brother, James, exactly one day old and already sick.

Guilt riding heavy on the young man's shoulders, Arthur believed that his stepping onto the faeries had cursed his family and he couldn't bare to let anyone die because of his foolishness. He started reading medical textbooks by the dozen, learning about diseases, symptoms, cures, studies; whatever could help him save his brother. It was only two years later, when James was a toddler, did Arthur finally marched right up to his doctor, a book the size of his chest in hand and showed her the disease.

James' condition was so bad at the time that the doctor tried it and a few months later, James was cured. but Arthur's obsession with saving people didn't stop there. He couldn't put the books away and always had his face buried in one, which ended with him having terrible vision and a scholarship to Oxford at the age of seventeen.

He worked hard and had no social life (save for the patients in the clinic he worked at) until the age of twenty-three when he finally graduated. Now working on his MD and PhD for Oxford abroad in America, Arthur has taken up residence at Memorial Hospital (he refuses to call it by it's full name due to his continued anger towards Nazi Germany and it's role in the destruction of Coventry.)

Other Important Info: At times, Arthur's remedies and solutions aren't exactly by the book. Despite knowing that medicine and pills are a very powerful tool, Arthur will often prescribe herbal remedies. He also has a nasty habit of doing pro bono work due to his being raised on the NHS.

Due to his dedication to his studies, Arthur cannot cook and has almost no social skills. He is not trying to remedy either of these problems and is quite happy to live on the cafeteria food.

Roleplay Sample: It was three o'clock and, as per his custom, Arthur was curled up in his office, reading the latest research on the BMJ's front page "Predicting which people with psychosocial distress are at risk of becoming dependent on state benefits", while drinking his tea and knitting a small scarf for one of the children that had been visiting him often due to a small cough.

Leaning forward slightly, glasses slipping down his nose, Arthur squinted at the screen, murmuring to himself. "Money, money, money... Sick bastards-" His head snapped up as the door opened and immediately the scowl on his face turned into a smile, "Ah, Mrs. Fairhart, how good to see you," he quickly put down the scarf, hurrying over to help the old woman inside, settling her down on a chair.

She smiled at him, patting his head, her eyes large behind her glasses. "Oh I'm doing fine Doctor... the pain in my knee's almost all gone and I can breath fine, those herbs you made me brew were quite the cure!" she poked his nose, laughing in her old-ladyish is way which Arthur weakly returned, his eyebrow twitching lightly.

"I'm glad to hear it Mrs. Fairhart, but then I have to ask why you're back here..." The Brit leaned against his desk, taking his glasses off and folding his arms across his chest. "You really look to be in perfect health, especially for a woman of your age. You don't look a day over forty."

Again, Mrs. Fairhart laughed that wheezing laugh of hers, starting to rummage around in her bag and Arthur listened to the clattering of cat-food cans and discarded mints. "Well, I wanted to bring my favourite doctor a present for being so very kind-"

Waving his hands quickly, Arthur flushed slightly. "That won't be necessary at all Mrs. Fairhart, I was just glad to help."

"Oh no I insist," she pulled out a small jar with a tiny red-bow on it. "It's some of my world famous strawberry-rhubarb jam. And don't say you won't eat it, I've seen you with toast in the mornings."

Waggling a finger at him, the woman offered him the small jar and the doctor took it, smiling. "Thank you Mrs. Fairhart, it looks delicious." And he blinked as the tiny old woman hugged him. She nuzzled against his chest. "Ah, Mrs. Fairhart-" he was cut-off as the wrinkly hand reached down and grabbed his ass.

"My favourite doctor~"

"Good Lord."


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PostSubject: Re: Arthur Kirkland - Application    Thu Aug 19, 2010 1:28 am

You are most certainly accepted! I really loved this application, it made me smile. And I adored your roleplay sample. Cute old ladies being...all old and cute always get me. I also like how you included the fairies and everything. Welcome to the forums! Please change your username to 'Arthur Kirkland' and feel free to start poking around.
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Arthur Kirkland - Application
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