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 [Turkey] Sadik Adnan Application

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PostSubject: [Turkey] Sadik Adnan Application   Sun Sep 05, 2010 12:07 am


Full Name: Sadik Adnan
Age: 27
Birthday: October 29th, 1983
Gender: Male
Hometown: Gümüslük, Türkei

Appearance: Sadik would easily declare that he is an attractive man, much more than the usual American dallama, idiot. Most Americans would agree, if he wasn't so confident about this fact. A strong, sharp jaw with that wild unshaven look especially at his chin (though, in reality, he's just too tired in the morning to shave) has Sadik looking like something of a man's man. On a good day, his cheeks and forehead give that sun tanned look apart from his naturally dark complexion. Dark, thick hair accounts for both the sometimes greasy appearance as well as thick eyebrows.

He sports a tall, defined stature and though skinny, is lean with muscle, but not defined by them. Recently, he's been losing some of his build due to late nights chugging coffee and doing nothing except running around from one end of the hospital to another. Off the job, Sadik is a snappy dresser - dressing to impress, as they say, sporting semi-formal, if a little gaudy 'bling' when hitting the downtown.

Personality: Being the only son of a rich family has done nothing to culture a modest man despite his ancestor's struggles (a principle his büyükbaba, grandpa, had tried to impress upon him since damn near conception). Though outwardly exuberant and good humored, Sadik can be something of a, well, douchebag. Some other arrogant pricks of the world would say he has the right to be a raging d-bag, but most would say otherwise. He is naturally gifted in the intelligence department with an incredible memory for statistics yet doesn't consider himself a geek. Instead, he plays the jock and teases others for having to work so hard to get the same grades as he does especially Greek kids. He's also given to to blackmail in order to get what he wants out of people who let themselves to be walked all over.

In the workplace, he's competitive and fast-paced, forgetting sometimes that he no longer has to beat out the competition in a collegiate environment. He loves to wrestle, having done so since he was a kid and on the athletic level in high school and college, which makes him a very physical person. Sadik has to give every man he meets a pat on the back that would throw their heart out of their chest and every woman he meets a kiss on the hand in order to be satisfied with an introduction. That being said, he thinks himself a woman's man, but comes off too strong with bad pick-ups lines and crude come-ons that leave him on the receiving end of many a smack. Eh, she was a bitch anyway - or so is his excuse every. single. time. Who would want to date a guy who thinks himself a mystery when in truth he's completely obvious?

Much of his gusto, however, is a wall that Sadik built up for himself during his transition to America. In a post 9/11 world, he felt the lost, vulnerable foreigner and after much teasing and even threats, putting up a strong front was a better alternative to taking shit from people who could insult what he holds most dear - his faith. Around friends, he is easy going...for the most part...even if given to loud outbursts to engage in boyish horse play. To no one's knowledge but his own and Allah's, he is also the Anonymous giver at the hospital's annual benefit.

Position: Doctor
Experience: Six months into his first year of residency.
Expertise: Emergency Medicine
Other Notes: He took up smoking at the end of his first month at Axis Memorial and sucks on hard candy between each cigarette break.

History: Born the first and only son to a tourist trap owner father and to the daughter of a successful shipping port, Sadik has never gone without. His childhood was carefree and spent down at the docks messing with tourists, exploring forgotten ruins, and generally being a nuisance. Everything was hunky dorey until secondary school rolled around and Sadik found himself forced to make a career decision. His mother and father pushed him to follow his passions, which he couldn't quite pin down at the time.

On the suggestion of his grandparents, since we all know the catch all for the intelligent is becoming a lawyer or doctor, he was steered toward becoming the latter. After all, he always enjoyed those American dramas and doctors did make a butt load of money...so after graduation he wound up in Pre-Med at Istanbul University. However, his studies were interuppted by unrest in Turkey when the PKK* began to kick up a shitstorm that got Sadik's mother's panties in a bunch. She insisted he leave for America to finish his degree even if he couldn't stand the thought of leaving his home.

Still, he made it to the University of Califfornia upon the insistence of his mother. It didn't fare well for him in a country still reeling from the disaster in NYC, being a foreigner who spoke little English and looked like the same terrorists he was trying to escape from himself. The whole experience made him grow a natural animosity to Americans, becoming more homesick in the process. The only positive side effect was that Sadik became more engrossed in his studies that he had only had a passing interest in prior. Now, he had renewed vigor to persue the very thing that had him on this path in the first place; emergency medicine.

Upon being placed in residency, he became addicted to the thrill and fast pace of the ER. The urge to return to Turkey has diminished now that his parents insist that it's about that time to find himself a wife and sex her up to make some kids.

*PKK stands for The Kurdistan Workers' Party in Turkish, a political/'terrorist' organization that occassionally uses violence against the general public/political figures in order to get their point across.

Other Important Info: Fluent in Turkish and English (knows some Arabic), but has a heavy accent, though he's never misunderstood when shouting. Is a huge coffee drinker (so long as it has over 9,000 spoons of sugar in it), but could drink any Englishman into the ground when it comes to chugging tea.

Roleplay Sample:
"If you want your little fuck trophy to come out with all it's limbs intact, you're going to have to remove your nails from my flesh, ma'am,"

Such forced etiquette came with a grunt as Sadik tried his best to shut an incoming patient. To be more specific, an incoming pregnant patient who wanted nothing more than to claw the nearest thing with testosterone to exact her revenge for how much pain she was in.

Unforuntately, today was the day Sadik got to experience the female species' rage.

His comment went unheard over the penetrating cries brought on by yet another contraction and gave him amble time to grope for the first nurse he could find and curtly tell her that he needed help sooner than later. Sure, he knew the logistics behind how to deliver a kid, but like hell he was going to experience it...except this lady seemed to have a different idea as she dug her grip harder into his poor arm.

Where the hell was this lady's husband? He wanted to see if he could get the guy's insurance to cover the loss of his damned arm that was sure to be bleeding soon enough. Chicks totally just got long nails to become wolverines when the fancy struck them.

"Can't you give me something to relieve the -ahh! - pain?"
Through gritted teeth, he said, "You're a bit past that point."

By a few hours, too. Keeping his patience was becoming a challenge and the urge to shoot his brains out became a much more appealing alternative with each minute that passed by. Much to his chagrin, Sadik had to stand through the entire labor process because her worthless husband never rode in on his white horse to relieve him from this torture. The whole miracle of birth thing wasn't exactly up Sadik's alley, afterall.

Yet, when he finally got his arm back (with claw marks he was sure would become hard-to-explain scars), Sadik was stopped by a gentle touch brushed his side.

"What do you wa-?"
He blinked in surprise, cut off when he discovered it was the tiniest of hands that had reached out for him. The smiling face of the baby boy's mother, glowing as a mother's should, found Sadik's gaze and he gawked, unable to find a reply when she said weakly,

"You were there for us since I got here a-and I know you don't know me, sir, but...well, he doesn't have a father and I really appreciate everything you've done for us..."

Stunned, the room suddenly feeling much colder and yet warmer at the same time, Sadik's expression went blank as some strange emotion pulled at his heart as dark eyes glanced at the new life before him. He had seen births before, he had seen babies before, so this scene should have been nothing to new. Still...

Finally, he managed to speak,

As he walked out, he said, "It's the least I could do," And cursed himself for saying so litte...


Name: Tiffany
Timezone: Eastern Standard
MSN/AIM;etc: AIM: FullMetalIdiot1
MSN: FullMetalIdiot@msn.com
You read the rules, right?: My favorite color is blue-grey~
Anything else?: This is my first time attempting a character like Turkey - bear with me! I based all my assumptions about Turkish guys off my Turkish co-workers, lolol And due to my college schedule, I will try to post as often as I can. :]
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PostSubject: Re: [Turkey] Sadik Adnan Application   Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:31 pm

Gahhhh I am in love with this application! Like, really. You are accepted! I am really excited to have a Turkey here. I love the last paragraph of your personality. The line about being urged to "find himself a wife and sex her up to make some kids" makes me laugh. I totally know that feeling in another RP, hahaa. I will stop babbling, I love your application though! Please make an account with his name, and feel free to start posting, and maybe join us in the chatbox~
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[Turkey] Sadik Adnan Application
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