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PostSubject: Signature-ing   Fri Sep 03, 2010 8:05 pm

It just so happens that one is able to have signatures on this board. Do any of you guys make signatures? Are you so amazing at them that your talent is revered by the gods? (If so, please show us your work! Actually, even if you think you aren't that good, show us anyway.) Or do you just love requesting them and looking at their pretty-ness? Maybe you think that they're just a mess of useless pixels that make your posts awkward? Do share your opinion.

On my part, yes, I do make signatures and whatnot. Anyway, here's what I can do (beware, I put, like 10+ images in the spoiler tag. They range from the good ones I did a looooong time ago, to more recent ones. Though they aren't in any particular order. Ah, memories.)
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