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 Lovino Vargas Application

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PostSubject: Lovino Vargas Application   Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:13 pm


Full Name: Lovino Vargas
Age: Twenty-three
Birthday: March Seventeenth
Gender: Male
Hometown: Padua, Italy

Lovino has several defining characteristics. One of these features is the scowl that always seems to be on his face. Another is his features is a bouncy hair curl on the right side of his head. His hair is a dark shade of reddish brown, almost the same shade as his brother’s. He’s not too tall; the Italian stands at one hundred seventy five centimeters. The Italian has stunning green eyes that people tend to comment on. His body isn’t the best. He’s skinny and pale; most of his time’s spent in doors.

Lovino Vargas is a bit of a conundrum. At first glance, he doesn’t seem like a decent person. He always seems to be scowling and it takes a decent amount to get him to smile. He’s quick to jump to the wrong conclusion and will often use physical violence when he is extremely annoyed. While working at the hospital, he has to tone down his violent tendencies and will try not to hit anyone unless they really annoy him. He’s also a rude, loud mouthed person who tries to isolate himself.

He is extremely lazy and will try to push things off until the last minute. This doesn’t always work out well for him, so most of the time he will have to do work. When he finally does start working on a project, the Italian will become wrapped up in what he’s doing. Sometimes he’ll get so wrapped up in his work that he’ll forget to eat. In addition to his laziness, Lovino has developed a habit of bossing people around. He’ll try to give orders…and most of the time is ignored.

Lovino has an inferiority complex. All of his life he’s been compared to the younger Italian and he’s starting to get tired of it. If someone compares him to his little brother, Lovino will generally become upset and express himself in different ways, such as getting depressed or becoming more violent. In addition to his inferiority complex, the Italian has low self-esteem. These things, combined together, do not end well. Lovino will often feel useless and can never be satisfied with his own work.

Despite his inferiority complex, Lovino loves his brother dearly. After their mother died, he blamed Feliciano because blaming someone else was easier than accepting the truth. It took him a few years to get over this, but he managed to overcome it…only to have jealousy replace it. He manages to keep these feelings suppressed most of the time and takes out any frustration by blaming himself. Lovino is also extremely protective of his brother and will not hesitate to do everything in his power to help him out.

If someone can get close enough to Lovino, they might be able catch a glimpse of the real Lovino. Lovino cares about everyone and, despite popular belief, does have a conscience. He will feel bad for things he has done and he will try to help people in his own way. One of the reasons he works at the hospital is because he wants to help people from behind the scenes.

Position: Biomedical Technician
Experience: Four years.
Expertise: None.
Other Notes: He started his work right out of high school and hasn’t called out sick yet. He’s good at his work, even if he might grumble and complain.

Lovino was born in a hospital in Padua. He lived a happy life with his parents for three years. Exactly three years after Lovino Vargas was brought into the world, he was given a younger brother. On the same day his brother was born, his mother died. And for the first time in his life, Lovino experienced the loss of a family member. At first, he blamed his little brother for his death. Why wouldn’t he? All he knew was his mom went to the hospital and Feliciano came back instead.

He lived his life for ten years, continuing to blame his brother for the death of their mother. Lovino didn’t realize that Feliciano wasn’t the source of his problems until he was thirteen. It was at this age that their father died and the Italian realized that he needed to stick by his family. It was at this time where he began to become over protective of the younger Italian. However, there was some damage done to his mental state. With the constant praise being given to his brother, Lovino began to develop his inferiority complex which remains to this day.

After the deaths of both parents, Lovino and Feliciano moved to America to live with their grandfather. The Italian lived ten somewhat happy years here going to high school and moving into a training program at the hospital immediately after. By the age of twenty he moved away from home and into a small apartment. Six months later and Feliciano was living with him too.

The pair lived together, Lovino going to work and Feliciano going to school. They continued with this way of life until one day Feliciano fainted and was admitted into the hospital. Since then, Lovino spends most of his free time in his brother’s room or heading home to an empty apartment.

Other Important Info: Lovino has an irrational fear of hugs from people he doesn't trust. Soon after moving to America, Lovino was molested by one of his grandfather's coworkers. Currently Feliciano's the only one allowed to hug him without facing the side effects. He also holds Romulus responsible for not realizing something was wrong after the initial event.

Roleplay Sample:
So far, Lovino wasn’t enjoying his time at Hogwarts. How the hell was he supposed to when he was stuck in the house no one wanted to join? Over the course of the last week he’d had to deal with three Slytherins who felt the need to pick on him because of his house. Needless to say, those jerks weren’t going to bother him again, but it was still annoying.

A soft sigh escaped his lips as he adjusted his reading glasses. Reading was one of his hobbies and often helped him calm down if he was having a bad day…like this one. He had run into that loud American kid earlier and…he hadn’t been too pleasant afterward. The Italian was still trying to get over his annoyance with the other kid.

A soft voice distracted him from his book. A young girl, around his age, had come to a stop next to him and was muttering to herself. The muttering was annoying; Lovino couldn’t focus on his reading with her light comments… But at the same time…it wasn’t too bad. The Italian closed his book and looked up at her.

“It wouldn’t be that hard if you walked over and talked to people,” Lovino commented with a small shrug. “Most of the students here don’t seem like they’re too bad.”

After making his comments, the Italian turned back to his book, opening it to the page he had left off. If the girl tried talking to him, he might respond. She didn’t seem as bad as some people in this idiotic house…and it might not be too bad having someone to call a friend.


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Anything else?: Eh. Don’t be afraid to talk to me, I don’t bite hard.

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PostSubject: Re: Lovino Vargas Application   Wed Aug 18, 2010 11:26 pm

Oh wow, like I said in the chatbox, this application makes my inner Feliciano feel like a jerk for even being born. And made me realize it happened on your birthday. Be right back, sobbing forever bawww. You are accepted of course! Also, that last line in your history kills me. Baww you.♥ Please change your username to Lovino's name and feel free to start posting stuffs.
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Lovino Vargas Application
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