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 Kim-Ly Nguyen

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PostSubject: Kim-Ly Nguyen   Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:08 pm


Full Name:Nguyen Lien Kim-Ly (Kim-Ly)
Birthday: September 2nd
Gender: Female
Hometown: Hue, Vietnam

Usually, if someone is in the mind to describe her, ‘Short’ is often the adjective most often used.
This being said, it is also a superb way to offend the Viet. Granted 4’9 is about an inch under national standard –but if everyone else happens to be oversized freaks then there is no need to pin their insecurities on Kim-Ly. And to her, anyone standing over 5’1 happens to be an ‘oversized’.

She is certainly proud and it shows in the way she holds herself. Her chin is always raised in defiance of some unknown force. Her eyes have a habit of shining with hidden rebellion as she glares up into the eyes of whoever she may be talking to –despite the fact that this habit is extremely impolite within her home country. Shoulders and back always straight no matter the circumstance –because that is how a woman should stand. Or at least that’s what her mother told her.

When not decked in either dressing gown or uniform she’s often found wearing Ao dais, the traditional clothing of her native country. Even when those aren’t available to her she bears light airy cotton clothing often in the color black or blue.

And it’s obvious that it isn’t the first time that she’s been in the hospital, as a long scar reaching down her spine attests to that. But such things, along with her height are often better left unmentioned.

Her hair, although slightly singed and shorter than usual remains black and is rarely seen outside of a ponytail, a tactic which many pieces of hair have a habit of evading as there constantly is some amount of hair in her face.

Kim-Ly was raised on stories of woman warriors rushing into battle to protect their countries virtues and adopted those along with the other myths as being a certain type of history book.
The honor therefore that is encompassed in these myths is shared by Kim-Ly as well. She’s bitter, moody, and never fights fair –but at least she holds onto some sense of honor (Though it is often not evident). Such a habit may go as far as being described as pride...which is also true. But at many times such pride is reserved only for her homeland and people.

Many people find this strong sense of identity rather irritating, especially if they happen to be in a position of power as Kim-Ly under no circumstances can stand to be bossed around. Such stubbornness is legendary and may or may not be beneficial to other parties depending on the circumstance.
Beneficial now because her refusal to give in just might have saved her life.
Infuriating because she makes keeping her alive so difficult.

One could never guess how shy is, by the habits she has of softly threatening whomever she believes to be ‘above their station’. In fact, upon first meeting a person may not immediately see the eyes which are so accustomed to gazing calmly towards acquaintances. She’ll blush and stutter the first few minutes of the meeting only to either angrily lash out or offer a slightly curious glance as she looks up.
Unfortunately, the latter seems rather rare.

Even so get past such a rough exterior and you’ll find she is incredibly protective towards those she is friendly with often referring to close friends as her ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and in some cases even her ‘Children’. It matters not whether said child happens to be years older.
If anything happens to those lucky enough to stay on her good side she’s devastated and blames herself for their misfortunes often going to the extremes to make up for it. This habit has a trend of confusing those who previously thought her family remained in Vietnam

But most people don’t get past the ‘acquaintance stage’ to really feel such affection being forced to deal with the cold exterior she usually puts forth for public viewing and the more she starts to like someone (whether it be as friend, family or romantic interest) the harder she fights –for several reasons;
First being that even within her short lifetime she’s found her relationships to be less than reliable.
And secondly because if someone can put up with her at her worst for however long she’s committed to uphold her terrible attitude then they probably aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. She’s pretty sure it’s a good way to weed out the ‘weaklings’.

In spite of her attachments she’s incredibly independent and if she thinks her independence is being infringed upon she’ll immediately seek refuge or revenge towards the one who is ‘taking over’.
This trait often makes her very hard to work with and thus she doesn’t take very kindly to those who simply bark out orders, and has a habit of reacting with insults upon the occurrence.

Oddly enough, she maintains a fondness for motorcycles.

Diagnosis: 3rd/4th degree burns on arms and legs, 2nd degree burns on torso
-Numbness in arms and legs
-Extreme sensitivity to touch in torso
-Rapid Pulse
-Chest pain
-Nausea and vomiting
-General Weakness

Incident: Motorcycle collision with a speeding truck, brought to hospital via ambulance.
Other Notes: ((I’m assuming that she inhaled smoke and thus half the symptoms))

Kim-Ly was born to a single-mother and a veteran of the National front for Liberation of South Vietnam...also known for its name of ‘Viet Cong’. Kim-Ly knew very little about her own father, who had died shortly before her birth.
What she /did/ know was that she once had a sister –a sister born dead and fathered by one of the many American soldiers who had occupied Saigon (Ho Chi Ming City).
Naturally, even at a young the young girl was torn as to what to think of the matter –and perhaps even held a slight grudge against her mother for doing such a thing. Because no matter how hard she tried to think about the matter north won, a fact of life that try as they might neither could deny.

And No matter how hard her mother had fought, Kim-Ly found it impossible to forget such things.

But one could never tell form her actions. So devoted she was to the older woman, who was stricken will cancer due to the large chemicals she had been exposed to during the war. She had Kim-Ly at an old age, which seemed to only worsen her health and Kim-Ly laid the blame of her mother’s ailing health on her shoulders.
Often time she would have to skip school to take her mother’s place in the rice fields. They lived in a rural town nearby Hue, and such things were sadly common.

Kim-Ly spent the majority of her life interspersed with study and labor. So set upon becoming a doctor so people, like her mother, did not have to suffer.
When, at age 17 her mother finally died any sense of motivation Kim-Ly previously held was instantly diminished. She saw only one option in life: Find that American man.
Despite her frequent inattentions within school, she had managed to keep good standing in school. Though only because of her good grades and volunteer work as she got into frequent fights.
After requesting to be transferred to an American College, she got a degree in medicine and enrolled as a medic for the army. By this time she had forgotten her original plan of finding ‘that man’ and simply chose the simplest, and perhaps more familiar way of getting citizenship.

Things went normally for as long as they could. Normal meaning the usually petty scuffles and trials of a young adult woman who doesn’t know how to back down.

It was on one, significantly hot day that she needed to attend a meeting of sorts. What it was concerning she has trouble remembering. But perhaps...she was distracted and didn’t not notice the truck which had come up behind her.

Other Important Info: She’s rather...accident-prone. In the best possible way, of course.

Roleplay Sample:

’Kim-Ly, what am I to do with you?’
It had been the most common phrase addressed to the Viet soldier. That was the phrase uttered when she saw the little girl walking home from the first day. Knuckles bloodied, a gap in her teeth spreading bruises on her cheeks. Kim-Ly had only smiled her now gap-toothed smile and punched at phantom figures.

Kim-Ly what am I to do with you?

That sad look when she woke up to find her daughter tending to the fields not at school
Kim-Ly had different priorities then the rest of her class. They didn’t have a mother dying of cancer because of western medicines. They didn’t go hungry at night because the money went to medical bills, and lush clothes to keep up appearances.
Kim-Ly had been fooling herself if she believed that anyone believed the families charades.
A fool indeed....

But this time there was no gentle caress to sweep away the ever-present bangs from her face. No sad smile or gentle laugh at a daughter’s odd antics.
Kim-Ly had always figured that her mother knew of her plans. It may have even been why she had stayed alive so long –the knowledge that when she died her daughter would no doubt do something rash.

Rash meaning run off to America to find her stepfather and join the military. Join the military and almost die.
Or at least...she wasn’t dead yet. This of course wasn’t going to happen as she had no plans of dying- She had a degree in medicine afterall, and knew very well she was lucky to be in one piece. If one could call that lucky –and she did.

Granted, maybe enrolling in the American army wasn’t the brightest idea. Join the people’s army of Vietnam was, of course, preferable. But it had been an easy way to get a degree in medicine, not to mention a visa. Just because she was foolish did not mean she was stupid –though she felt so right now.

A soft groan escaped her gritted teeth as she tried turning over only to find the wires and ports in her skin made that impossible –though she hadn’t an idea how the nurses managed to find enough unburned skin to affix such technicalities.

For now, Kim-Ly would just have to resign herself to staring up at the ceiling. It was quite an interesting ceiling...but then perhaps that was just the drugs...Ceilings weren’t interesting. Maybe...one never knew did they?

“Death before defeat...” She muttered softly..though she was slightly unsure as to what it is she was supposed to defeat.


Name: Hmmm...Viet. If you think up something more gangster, fell free to tell me.
Timezone: -5 GMT
You read the rules, right?: Yes. The text was black...but I myself prefer purple.
Anything else?: Skin grafts are really...disturbing. Don’t Google them
Hmm...The personality isn't very well-phrased...So I apologize for that

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PostSubject: Re: Kim-Ly Nguyen   Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:00 pm

Ooooh! You are accepted for sure! Poor girl. Skin grafts are disgusting. She is so feisty and I love what you did with her! Please change you account name, and feel free to start posting around!
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Kim-Ly Nguyen
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