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 Magnús Haraldsson Application

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Magnús Haraldsson


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PostSubject: Magnús Haraldsson Application    Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:09 pm



Full Name: Magnús Haraldsson
Age: 17
Birthday:June 17th 1993
Gender: Male
Hometown:Bolungarvik, Iceland

Appearance: Magnús is a rather pale boy, a little more pale than he used to be. At a stature of about 5 foot 5 inches, he is rather slender and in good shape, minus losing weight. His hair is a messy short white-platinum colour.
His eyes are a calm light blue colour, some they’re lavender like purple in the right light. Magnús rarely has a smile on his face, if not ever.

Personality: Magnús is always quiet with a tendency to block out anyone that tries to talk to him. He is often sarcastic when people manage to get him to speak, trying to keep them away from him. Iceland wants friends, he just doesn’t trust them after an incident.

Magnús is warm and kind at heart, he just refuses to show it around strangers.
He’ll happily sit in his hospital bed all day reading a good book to keep his mind off his everything.

Diagnosis: Leukemia.
Malaise (vague feeling of bodily discomfort)
Bone or joint pain
Weight loss
Infection and fever

Incident: Diagnosed through blood tests. Confirmed over a phone call.
Other Notes:Nope~

History: As a child, Iceland had a happy life, being born into the world in Bolungarvik, a village in the top North-West of Iceland, making his childhood a somewhat peaceful one. He had many friends as a kid, often playing on the fields and near the sea with hem and the puffins. Magnús was a very smart child, by 10 he’d got the hang of his national language, Icelandic and some Danish. He has also been learning English, but not managed to get the full grasp on the words.
At the age of 12, Magnús and his family moved to America, where he started to get bullied for his nationality and accent (which pulled him into the quiet type he is today.) Minus this, it didn’t stop him from managing to finish the gap in the language barrier between his own language and the Americans.
A year later, he was physically bullied by a boy once considered to be his friend, outside out of school, where he was punched to the ground, picked up and thrown hard against a wall. This made Magnús lose his trust for anyone and everyone who talked to him.
The years passed, and he was close to his graduating year, he’d gotten though 5 long years of hard work and bullying, unfortunately, though this time, his parents had moved back to Iceland as the American lifestyle was growing hard on their now aging bodies. Sometime during the year, he found himself diagnosed with leukemia. A full confirmation was told over the phone.

Other Important Info: He has a love for puffins and always carries a puffin plushie around the hospital with him. If he loses it, he panics. The puffin doesn’t have a name, but if he’s looking for it he’ll ask “Where is lundi(puffin)?”

Roleplay Sample: The loud rings of a house phone rang through the house. Those annoyingly loud, rings. Magnús just wanted to ignore the call, but he couldn’t. Gripping tightly onto the leather arms of the chair he was sat on, he lifted himself up, arms shaking as he lifted his weak body out of the chair. Moving slowly towards the phone slowly, shuffling his feet across the carpeted floor. He made it towards the small table with the noisy object. By this you could tell he didn’t enjoy conversing over the phone, or with anyone for that matter

His hand hovered over his house phone, shaking as he hesitated to grab it. Closing his light blue eyes tightly, he grabs the phone off the hook and places it by his left ear, “H-halló?” he answered nervously into the phone. “Ah! Mr. Haraldsson!” a man with an annoying American accent in the Icelander’s opinion said sternly down the phone. “Your test results are back...” there was a hint of sadness in the man’s voice, this made Magnús grip the phone tighter, “...Go on.” Magnús sighed, he was scared, and judging by the doctor’s voice it wasn’t going to be good.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Haraldsson. Your test results came out not good. The sample we took from your bone marrow tells us you have leukaemia.” Magnús’ eyes shot wide open in shock, tears pricking his now re-closing eyes. “...O-oh.” Was all he could manage to mutter out. Was he going to die? “I’m so sorry, Mr. Haraldsson. An ambulance will be here for you later to take you to the hospital later, around 9pm” Magnús glanced to the wooden clock that hung on the wall; he could hear the ticking of the second hand. He had 3 hours until the damned ambulance came to take him to Hell. “T-that’s fine, thank you... I guess” The Icelander replied, muttering the last bit as he brushed away some of the hot tears now rolling down with the sleeves of his knitted jumper.

“Be sure to pack the stuff you wish to take with you and have a safe journey later” was the last thing the doctor on the phone said, hanging up before Magnús could reply. The dial tone of the phone was buzzing through his ear. Clenching his free fist tightly as more tears seeped out his eyes, eventually placing the phone back in its cradle with force.

…Please excuse the crappyness OTL


Name: Rosalyn, Roz, Rawzi
Timezone: GMT +0 , London.
MSN: rozarinbarnard@hotmail.com
AIM: GayForTea
Skype: icelandknowswhereyoulive
dA: gayfortea.deviantart.com

You read the rules, right?:Screw the rules my favourite colour is purple~
Anything else?: Aah, not really. C: but I must say, it’s not that I know anyone with leukemia, I’m just used to cancer patients since my mum is a breast cancer suffer of 4 years and my uncle died last year of Liver cancer. This is my first time RPing in a forum ^^; I must say this is kind of rushed too since I'm going all over town to visit my mum who is in care currently so please excuse any mis-spellings and such and I understand if I don't get in ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Magnús Haraldsson Application    Fri Aug 27, 2010 2:27 pm

I would like to see more on his personality a bit, but I still think you did a nice job for being in a rush and this being your first forum roleplay. So it is okay, you got the important stuff about him. Just make sure to get all his sides in actual roleplaying~. My friend when I was younger had leukemia, so I know how sad it is. Poor Icey. You are accepted. Feel free to start posting, introduce yourself to us, and maybe even join us in the chatbox.
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Magnús Haraldsson Application
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