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 Lithuania (Toris Laurinaitis) Application

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PostSubject: Lithuania (Toris Laurinaitis) Application   Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:09 am

Toris Laurinaitis (Also known as Lithuania)

Full Name: Toris Laurinaitis
Age: 24
Birthday: February 16
Gender: Male
Hometown:Utena, Lithuania

Appearance: Toris has bluish-green eyes, and whether his eyes bear more resemblence to the other is something that may never be answered. His milk chocolate brown hair almost reaches his shoulders, and is straight. Toris has bangs, but they are parted in the same manner as his hair: straight down the middle. Toris's clothing generally tends to be more formal than most, usually wearing a collared shirt and dress pants as his 'casual' dress. His build is very slim, and he doesn't have a lot of muscular strength. His skin is only slightly tan, due to spending a modest amount of time outdoors.

On a normal day to day basis, Toris is generally somewhat soft-spoken, but friendly to most. He smiles a lot, though even he has occasions when he feels that it is only fake. Toris's patient personality soaks up the anger and fussiness his patients may display. He is pretty introverted, and works hard as a Doctor. He feels that if he needs to coop himself up in his Office, or at home, he should at least make himself useful. His signature is unusually legible on documents, an attempt on Toris's part just in case anything happens.

Speaking of 'if anything happens', Toris tends to look at all possibilities, and his mind is full of what-ifs. This causes his work to be therefore extensive, since he takes a lot of effort into making sure the medications he prescribed are correct, that the documents that need to be sent in are accurate and detailed. Just in case, of course. This 'what if' quirk in Toris's personality ensure that quite a few nights will be spent at the hospital, doing over work, checking on his patients and making sure the medicine prescribed is working. He feels that staying nights at hospitals for pure work related things is completely normal, though others may look at him oddly when he comments that he hasn't been home in a week, or that he's been wearing the same outfit for three days in a row.
On the matter of how Toris interacts with other people, he doesn't have much of a need to talk to people, as I said before. He'll act kind on default, but that is partially another effect of the 'What if'. He does believe that being kind is something that everyone should do, so it is pretty sincere. For most non-job related things, Toris generally goes with the flow, and can be easily persuaded to to anything that doesn't involve spending money, doing drugs, cross dressing,smoking, or drinking alcohol. He wants to make a good impression on his patients, so that is the reason he stays away from smoking, drinking, and drugs.

Position: Toris is a Pediatric Doctor
Experience: Toris has been working at the hospital for about 1 and 1/2 years
Expertise: Handling other people's stress and anger bursts, mainly with kids, but can apply to adults.
Other Notes: In his teens, Toris babysat a lot, which helped him decide on his career. Toris speaks Lithuanian and English.

History: Toris was born in Utena, Lithuania, where he spent a good deal of his life. He often babysat his neighbor's children, who helped develop his patience with their constant whining and fussing. When he turned 16 (the age where mandatory schooling in Lithuania ends), he decided to move to the States for a more quality education. He went to college in Washington state, where he earned his PhD in Pediatrics. He also interned at a hospital in Washington state. Axis Memorial Hospital is the first Hospital Toris has ever worked at, and is the reason he left Washington for California.

Toris's motivation for working as a Pediatric doctor is simply because he feels he's capable for it, more so than any other profession. He doesn't mind the work, and he's happy to spend time with children, as it reminds him of Utena and his childhood there. He often thinks back to those days if he ever feels incompetent, and it usually gets him back on track.

Other Important Info: Toris is secretly interested in pursuing a General Practicioner degree, though he doesn't plan to begin until he is financially ready with a a few years of experience in Pediatrics.

Roleplay Sample:

The night was dark, the moon full. Only the bright lights of the city illuminated the night, cars driving busily to and from destinations. Toris looked out the airplane window, and watched his old life get farther and farther away. It was hard to leave Lithuania behind for the better future that had to be in store for him, to leave Utena and all it's fond memories. To leave the busy yet humble city of his birth. But if he was ever going to make a name for himself, many, many people had told him:

"Go to America"

And so now, on his 16th birthday, Toris had packed up his clothes and personal items, bid farewell to the people he truly cherished, and took a bus to the airport, an airline ticket for a plane to America safely placed in his pants pocket. And a few hours later, here he was, seat 15B on Southwest Airlines.

Once Utena was no longer viewable from his window, Toris leaned back in his seat and sighed. Hopefully, he'd become successful, something he'd be able to tell the kids he fondly looked after for so long, if he returned to Utena. They were only 10 right now, and he hoped that maybe they'd remember those years they spent at his house, playing Monopoly all day, or running through the backyard. Yes, he'd make them proud.

[[Yes, this sample was from Toris's past, I hope that's okay Smile ]]


Name: Melody
Timezone: (UTC- 05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
MSN/AIM;etc: atelieralchemist@live.com (Please contact me if you are adding me in advance, or I will refuse the contact offer that appears)
You read the rules, right?: Teal, and yes.
Anything else?: Please treat me well, I'm slowly but surely getting better at writing >< I like most any pairings as long as the relationship is plausible. If this is accepted, I'll sign up and do all that stuff I need to Smile Also, I have somewhat strict parents. It has happened before when I was caught doing something I "shouldn't" and was forced to abandon the internet and my laptop. The most recent time was from January 3rd to around June 11th. That's like, a 5-6 month punishment. If anything like this happens again, I'll do my best to access a computer at the library to inform you all of my absence.
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PostSubject: Re: Lithuania (Toris Laurinaitis) Application   Fri Aug 27, 2010 9:12 am

Sorry for the double post, but I didn't see the image of Lithuania I posted come up. Just in case it really isn't coming up for some odd reason or another, this is the direct link to the picture:
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PostSubject: Re: Lithuania (Toris Laurinaitis) Application   Fri Aug 27, 2010 1:40 pm

Aww, I like the way you portray Lithuania. You are accepted. He sounds sweet~! Yes, please just make sure to tell me somehow if your computer gets taken away or whatever. I see to have a problem with disappearing Lithuanias hahaa. I hope it does not happen though! Welcome to the forums. Please register an account with his name, and feel free to start posting. Maybe even join us in the chatbox.
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PostSubject: Re: Lithuania (Toris Laurinaitis) Application   

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Lithuania (Toris Laurinaitis) Application
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