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 Feliciano Vargas

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Feliciano Vargas

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Full Name: Feliciano Veneziano Vargas
Age: 20
Birthday: March 17th
Gender: Male
Hometown: Padua, Italy

Feliciano's hair is brown with a reddish tint to it. It is parted right down the middle. The hair is actually cut rather neat, though there is something that sticks out about it, quite literally. Though his hair is straight, there is a piece of hair on the left side of his head that curls out obnoxiously and looks silly. No matter how hard he tries, it never goes down. It can be rather tempting to people though. His eyes are a pretty amber brown color, though that can be a bit hard to spot sometimes. Feliciano tends to squint a lot, which blocks a lot of their color most of the time. Whether he admits to it or not, he is rather baby faced and innocent looking.

His body is really nothing special, just average. Average height at 172 centimeters tall and of average weight, though he is perhaps a little squishy in some places because he eats too much. Feliciano doesn't really have any muscle, he is psychically weak. He doesn't like exercising at all, so his body doesn't really bother him at all. He really cares about his appearance though, so would never let anything get too out of hand. Luckily his hyperactivity seems to burn off anything that is bad for him. His skin is fair, not too tanned like other countries of the Mediterranean Sea region, but h is far from pale. As far as his build goes, Feliciano isn't particularly muscular or athletic. He just lacks real distinctive muscles.

Despite the goofball he is, Feliciano actually has a nice sense of fashion. Sometimes it can come across as a little dorky, but not in the bad sense of the word. Usually he is quite stylish, and being in Italy he had access to lots of nice clothes that girls would normally swoon over. Even though he likes to look good, Feliciano really does love caual and comfy clothes. In contrast, he likes wearing clothes of people bigger than him. Much like a girl would wear the hoodie or coat of a boyfriend, he adores wearing things belonging to others with big floppy sleeves when they let him. Really though, he likes to be naked.

Feliciano has a bubbly personality, but can be air headed at times. He is always cheerful and can act a bit childish. Most of the time he is very optimistic, though that can falter sometimes depending on the situation on hand. Either way, he would still tell people he is always happy because he doesn't want to worry them too much. Although Feliciano is certainly a kind person, he doesn't like to take no for an answer and likes getting his way which can make him be rather selfish sometimes. He can be a suck up to get what he wants, but he really doesn't mean it badly. On top of that, a one track mind at times doesn't help and leaves him rather easily distracted. Perhaps that is why he can never read the atmosphere fifty percent of the time.

The Italian is very sociable and loves bothering people into talking to him even when they really don't want to. Some of his favorite people to talk to are cute girls, who always seem to giggle and listen intently to everything he says. Though, half the time, he doesn't really know what to do with them once he gets them. Girls are easily charmed by his cute personality and innocent face. Luckily for him, this technique works on both genders for various things, not just getting cute girls. He can often get men to go easier on him too, though that might be out of something more like pity.

Growing up, he was always a bit dependent on others and never grew out of the habit. Most of the time he won't refrain from asking for help from others. In all honesty, he prefers it that way. Feliciano is certainly a well known crybaby and coward. He panics and gets intimidated all too easily. He hates any type on confrontations and avoids those at all costs. It is probably for the better, he isn't physically strong. Even if he is aware of it, Feliciano doesn't do much to improve. It is just the way he has always been, and he is fine with that. He lacks the motivation, anyways.

Perhaps since it is the opposite, he is great at household tasks. Feliciano would make a good housewife, Even if he is good at them, he can be lazy when he wants to be. Still, he can leave the house nice and clean, and make a dinner that can rival a restaurant's. He is also good at following directions....when he wants to. Sometimes his short attention span and rather hyperactive tendencies get the best of him.

Feliciano is known for his love of, and addiction to, all shapes and forms of pasta. He also holds a fondness of pizza. Since food is so important to him, he is a very picky eater and likes the best. Another of his greatest loves is art. Ever since he was younger, it was always something he naturally excelled at. Still, despite kid kindness, Feliciano is the kind of person that will tell you your painting you think is a masterpiece would have looked better with different color scheme or focus point or point out flaws with a smile. After all, criticism on that kind of thing helps, right? Or maybe he is just too high maintenance for his own good.

Like many people who are childish, Feliciano gets frustrated and worked up all too easily over simple things. Though he doesn't lash out in anger like some people related to him, he can still throw a good little temper tantrum. This goes with the fact he can be a drama queen at times. He can act as though a paper cut is some type of fatal wound.

Overall he can come off as a bit of an annoying person. If he likes you, it is likely personal space isn't an option; he clings and doesn't let go. Feliciano also tends to talk with lots of hand motions, and has a small verbal tic where he says "ve". It is a speech problem he always had, so it doesn't bother him really, but it can be irritating at first. Really though, he is just a big ball of fluff who is extremely friendly and loves people. He makes an excellent friend and though he might not be able to handle standing up for them physically, he can be a good listener.

Another important part of Feliciano is the fact that he is very religious. He tries not to shove it down anyone's throat, but one should always remember this fact about him, as it has been very important to him since he was younger.

Diagnosis: currently unknown but I know what it is~
  • Chronic cough
  • Fainting
  • Shortness of breath
  • Severe chest pain
  • Irregular heartbeat

Incident: Passed out after not being able to breathe, thus taken to the hospital
Other Notes: Feliciano has had adhd since he was younger, and is also on medication for that. Since he has been here, he was taken off the previous medication because it only seems to make things worse. He is currently undergoing tests to see what landed him to be admitted here in the first place.

Feliciano grew up in Padua, Italy with his father and older brother. Sadly, his mother passed away during childbirth when Feliciano was born, so he naturally grew up without a mother figure in his life. She was always a bit sickly, but it didn't make the loss any easier for their family. Feliciano himself grew up not really knowing this fact about his life until he was much older. It was probably for good measure, it wasn't exactly the kind of thing to be telling someone so young. He was a lot like his mother, and was doted over constantly as a child and even as he grew older. All this being said, he never quite understood why his older brother Lovino was always so mean and angry with him, and to this day doesn't understand that it was because he was being blamed by something that wasn't really his fault.

After an unfortunate accident, Feliciano and Lovino were left alone in the world with no father. After much sadness and confusion, the two packed up and moved to America with their grandfather. He hadn't seen much of his grandfather before, though did recall his father always talking about him. They moved when Feliciano was 10. The transition was not really something Feliciano liked, but he didn't have any right to complain. Having to speak english all the time was particularly troublesome, since at his age he hadn't had much experience with it yet. As time went on, life with their grandfather seemed to be normal like it had been with their father back at home. The only sad part was that their grandfather liked to work a lot.

It was no surprise when he graduated high school wanting to pursue a career in art. Feliciano always held an interest in it and tended to excel in the subject. Though he was straying from the path that his grandfather and brother had with hospital work, Feliciano thought it was for the best. Never did he see himself working there like them. He went to a school nearby so he was still able to see everyone he care about most, and visit home whenever he wanted.

It wasn't until then that he started noticing some problems with himself, but others didn't think too much of it. Feliciano was never had the most endurance, so people figured it was just that. He also had a reputation of whining when small things were wrong so it was brushed off and he was toldl not to worry. When his grandfather had to move for work, he went to live with his brother in his apartment. Things were actually going pretty well. He found himself a small job at a clothes store to work part time and earn extra money of his own, and got decent grades in his classes at college.

Despite that he actually was doing the right things in life, those odd little things about his body got more and more frequent. Too frequent for his liking. A stab of pain in the chest here or there. That annoying cough. Feeling like he couldn't breathe. Being the type of person he was he would often try to forget about them until the next time it happened.

Unfortunately, there was one time he couldn't ignore that brought that harsh reality to light that there was something very wrong with Feliciano.

Other Important Info: Although he visited the hospital all his life in America as a visitor to see his grandfather and, later on in life, Lovino at work, he actually fears being in the hospital. Feliciano is not a fan of doctors, blood, needles, or any of the things that go along with a stay there. Though the nurses are cute. None of those views really changed ever since he was admitted to Axis Hospital.

Roleplay Sample:
If anyone on earth knew Feliciano's body, it would have had to have obviously been Feliciano himself. He never wanted to get out of bed on time, and today was no exception. Today was a bit different though. Normally his urge to stay in bed and sleep for an extra few hours was just due to pure laziness. When he opened his eyes to stare up at the boring white ceiling, he couldn't help but notice the funny feeling in his chest that he grew to hate. Rolling over to look at the clock on the bedside table, his mind also reasoned that he was going to be late for class if he didn't get up and get ready.

He knew that no one would be happy with him if he went missing for class, and figured he would at least make it though that and be able to come home and sleep for the rest of the day until Lovino got home from work later on. It didn't sound like a bad plan in the least. Even if he was running slightly off schedule and feeling a bit sick, he still too the time to get dressed nice and gather his things as he ran out the door. Optimism in mind, he thought that maybe it would get better while in class.

Sadly, he was wrong.

As he made his way through the campus on foot to get to the building where class was held, his breath wasn't exactly cooperating with the rest of his body. It took him longer than normal to actually make it to the room, and he found himself really lacking air once he was there. Feliciano was all too happy to sit there in his seat, though if asked later on, people would say he was notably more quiet that day. He was sure he was just thinking about it to hard and that was making it worse. That had to be it. And maybe that was why that dull stabbing in his chest had come back. Yes, that had to be it.

After a while of uncomfortable fidgeting and a few stifled coughs, Feliciano didn't think he could make it the rest of class. There was only about twenty minutes left, he reasoned he wouldn't be missing much and Lovino would never know later. A quick stop to the infirmary wouldn't hurt before he went back home to sleep.

The walk back across campus seemed double as long, and didn't help the fact that he could have sworn he was getting light headed. In reality, he was. Feliciano was always one to panic easily, and this was really getting to him. He wanted to get there as fast as possible, but his body was working against him. There was one small stab of pain much bigger than before. He managed to make it so at least the building was in sight, but never made it.

All he remembered after that was a lack of air, severe pain, and then nothing. Being in public, there was more than one person who saw him collapse into the grass, and it wasn't long before he was taken by ambulance to the hospital.


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Need any others? Just ask me.
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Feliciano Vargas
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